What I Have Done Lately

Amazing how little I can do when my back hurts. Yes, it has been bothering me this week, and my chiropractor was away to a conference for a long weekend. I got adjusted and feel a lot better. Next I finish sorting through the boxes I brought back with me, to decide what will be stored in the loft – hopefully most of it. However, I do need to label things well, as these will be out of my reach for a while, and if I send someone up the ladder to find something, it will have to be marked.

set for charity auction

set for charity auction

I have been working on my jewelry. I made a necklace and earring set for Sharon to put into a charity auction for her dog rescue group. I also made myself a necklace for an upcoming wedding. I have had such positive feedback about my beads and rings items – chain maille enhanced with beads – that I will be setting up to sell it. I just have not yet decided where: online, local stores, or both. I need more inventory before that, so am gradually building it. I am a hobbyist, not full-time.

my jewelry for wedding

my jewelry for wedding

I need to start studying supplemental insurance for Medicare, as I am eligible this fall and my company benefits change this year, requiring me to pick a supplemental policy. I am certainly getting a lot of mail on the subject. I guess our birth dates are easily found. I already knew AARP knows when you are nearly eligible.

I ordered a new (refurbished) phone, so I will have a SC number soon, in addition to VA. I hope I can get everyone to change my entry to a new number – both personal and business – before I drop the old number. I plan to keep it until the old house sells. I did get a semi-smart phone, at a very low price. Since I got a very high recommendation for one model, but don’t want to spend so much when a new one is being released this fall, I figure this is a temporary one, and gives me a smaller learning curve.

I am so looking forward to the next trip to Roanoke, to finally get the house staged and on the market. From there, I will be heading for Chicago for my brother’s wedding. That will be fun.


Related to my prior posting, Solar Roadways (http://solarroadways.com/intro.shtml) is now past one-third of its goal by May 31 to reach $1,000,000 in donations for the next phase.


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