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Visits and generally busy

I’ve been neglecting my blog, but I have been busy – as all retirees seem to be. I was back to Roanoke to work on the house and see friends. I learned just before I left that I’d be there for another retirement lunch, so I got to see a lot of old friends then. I saw other friends at various times while I was there. I did finish clearing closets, except for my bedroom, which I plan to leave with some items in it. Since I took one cat with me, I did not get the basement stairs painted. Last time I did it, I ended up with a couple of cat foot prints on the basement floor. It will be easier without an animal around.

I got back to Seneca and started cleaning and getting ready for my family visit. All siblings and spouses gathered in Seneca for our annual reunion – they were curious about what pulled me away from Roanoke after all these years. We had a good time, and even got a trip to visit our aunt and uncle in TN and one to the other aunt and uncle who were packing to leave N GA for FL. I had collected lots of brochures from the welcome center, and four of them discovered a nearby zipline tour and spent a day there. The other sister and I had an afternoon to chat on the porch. The weather changed the day after they arrived, to Fall temperatures, especially at night, making for good porch-sitting time. They were all used to much less humidity, in spite of it feeling dry to me. One evening we visited the campground where Alice and Rich stayed, to see their new camping trailer. It is very nice, more luxury than either of the travel trailers I lived in for a few years. Talked a lot, ate a lot, and just had a pleasant week. All safely home again.

zipline sibs

I just switched to Medicare. Wow, the number of companies who flood you with mail about the supplemental plans – I have a stack over 6 inches high. Thankfully my former employer hired a consulting firm to help us through the confusion, and I have selected a plan that should work best for me. Best part is that this plan handles the Medicare side, so I only worry about submitting to them. I remember what a mess my mother had with 2 insurances submissions, especially after they switched to have her secondary handle Medicare. I wonder how medical providers keep any of it straight. Of course, they don’t always. I remember it taking me nearly a year after my mother passed away before I got things straightened out.

I am still working on getting a business together online, but one day before long I will be selling my jewelry. It has surprised me how much really needs to be decided and started before I even order business cards. I am trying to be very methodical about it, and to follow advice about what has worked well for others, even if I only want an outlet for my hobby, not full-time. That makes it easier when the government gets involved at tax time. I want to earn enough to pay for my supplies, maybe a small travel fund. I have a lot of photography to work through my completed pieces, and I am trying to learn the best way to shoot without glare. This is another whole hobby to pick up. I am working on a website, a Facebook page, and will have an Etsy store.

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Jewelry Weaves by Donna

I am soon to trek back to Roanoke for a final cleaning, staging, paint touch-ups. I hope I find a realtor to list it for what I want to ask, as I think I have enough upgrades and it will present itself really well, that I should be at the high end for this size house.