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What is it with water and me? You would think Mother Nature took it all out on me in the Roanoke flood of 85 when my trailer park was inundated, but I am back to a lot of water again this year. I spent a short time last week in Roanoke to do a bit of work on the old house, and it rained 4 of 5 days. I drove back to Seneca through more rain, and found we’d had 5 inches in 2 1/2 days. I am so glad I got a load of crushed stone delivered before I left, or I would not have been able to reach my cottage. I have some driveway now, although the landscaping around the place is going very slowly. I do feel I have settled into the place.

Now it is time to concentrate on the other house and get things ready for selling it. I have hired the nephew of my neighbor to mow when he does hers. I also bought a brush cutting blade for my trimmer, and it does a fine job. I did find out the hard way that it also takes a lot of strength to hang onto it for very long, so I will be gradually working up to using it for longer periods.

Next project

Next project

As you can see, the front yard needs the good plants pruned and more removal of weedy stuff. I plan to spray herbicide for the tough stuff like honeysuckle and crown vetch, let it sit a couple of days, then slash away. Maybe after a few sessions like that I can gain a little control. I am not a big fan of herbicide, but my choices are limited since I am not present all the time to control it. I will be carefully pruning the good plants, since I want it to show best by end of summer, not next year. The holly to one side of the front is very overgrown. The other side of the front porch will be nearly cleared to replant my herb bed. I have a nice protected camellia there, but everything else will go, especially the honeysuckle. I have nearly completed removal of the pyracantha. It’s a shrub I like, but looks scary with the long thorns, and really needs too much tending to keep at a good size. The puncture wounds I always get when pruning are not to be passed along to the next owner.

Inside I am making progress with sorting and tossing boxes of stuff. Each carload to SC, and full trash can help to clear things. Nineteen years in the house is a long time to accumulate stuff. I have made a decision on paint color for neutralizing the rooms with saturated colors, and have started peeling the wallpaper borders in 2 rooms. I am glad I recently renovated the kitchen and bath, so little work has to be done in those two. I do plan to finish the bath started in the basement.

I am having trouble with the idea I will sell the house. I have loved it for a long time now. I am only the second owner, so it really does get its people. Of course, the cottage in Seneca is planned as temporary and I’ve furnished it with new things, looking toward renting it in a couple of years. It will not feel as much like home. I will have a larger dome built after I sell in Roanoke, and will furnish it with my familiar things. I still know I’ve made the right choice to relocate for my retirement years.