What a concept!

Solar Roadways – I ran across information about this company last week, and have spent a lot of time reading their pages and just being amazed at how revolutionary their road concept is. The brainstorming sessions must have been a lot of fun. I have been inching toward as green as possible for our Soul’s Ease venture, but this is on a gigantic scale. In the past, I have seen suggestions for solar panels on covered parking lots, but this is better yet, with all roadway, parking, sidewalk, playground, etc. areas being covered with solar panels. Please take time to look at their videos or TED talk, and I hope you will be as excited about the concept as I am. I have no connection to this company or anyone employed there, but I have sent a contribution to the current fundraising. I hope to see even a small part happen in my lifetime.
I am still saying Wow! about this.  Here’s one of their press pictures of an artist’s rendition of a full street in Sandpoint, Idaho covered with solar panels.

Solar Roadway artist rendition of street


And here is a picture of their parking lot prototype.


Solar Roadway parking lot


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One response to “What a concept!”

  1. lynne says :

    It just makes so much sense.

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