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Winter and Recovery

bird feeder activity

bird feeder activity

We’ve had our first snowfall this winter in upstate SC. My preference would make it the only one, but we need moisture of any sort to help our drought, so I won’t complain if we get more. I can sit inside, watch the flakes, the birds at the feeder, and look forward to a warmer place next winter. I sold my house in Roanoke at the end of October, so I am preparing to start my addition this summer. I’ve put a deposit on the kit for another dome, to be attached to the current one. I plan to have a much better heating system, hopefully hot water baseboard radiators. That, with a flooring over the concrete slab should make it more comfortable.

view from front door

view from front door

I had arthroscopic surgery on my injured left rotator cuff and shoulder early in December. Just three tiny slits, but very tender inside. Finally! The orthopaedic center is just so busy, hard to get a timely appointment. I am now in physical therapy, have spent two weeks doing gentle stretches and am pleased at how far I can now move in most directions. It helps to have specific exercises that won’t re-injure me, plus having the encouragement of the therapists to go ahead and push a little harder as long as it just feels tight, not painful. Soon to start more weight-bearing exercise. My hips are really sore with the colder weather, and I plan to get a doctor’s referral for therapy on them, too. I really hope to be flexible enough to start yoga classes by summer and become even more flexible. I don’t want my retirement to be so restricted and painful. I’ve been trying so many things to help, this may be the one to finally push me back to full movement.

The cats have been quite happy to have me in the recliner post-surgery. They have all become lap cats as space allows. I think there’s a lot of jealousy over my attention that drives this, as only one liked laps before.

With the cold weather we’ve had this week, I noticed my scarf is looking a bit worn, so I need to knit another. I got inspired by the temperature afghans, blankets, and scarves that I saw online. I found some washable wool on sale online, and placed an order. For those of you who have not heard of this, the knitter (or crocheter) has a color for each 10 degree range and creates one or more rows in the color for the day’s high temperature. I’m thinking of adding one bead for the day’s low temp, too. I’ll post pictures later in the year. Sun is gorgeous today and yesterday, and even with temps right at freezing, the snow is melting. Temps in teens tonight may give us some nasty ice on the roads by morning. But, we are expecting highs in mid-60s in another 4 or 5 days. Should make an interesting combination on the scarf.

example of a temperature scarf

example of a temperature scarf from Pinterest photo

Colder weather seems to bring out the desire to cook. Both Sharon and I have been spending more time on our kitchens. That’s good and bad, as Sharon has baked her wonderful nutmeg pound cake. Even my best-behaved cat smelled it and stuck her head into my purse to try to steal what I’d brought home. Once I have the addition built, I will have a large space for pantry next to my kitchen. I will be able to use my upright freezer, but need to plan a proper organization so I don’t lose items to age and freezer burn. It’ll take more than just labels on a package for me.