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Walls Are Framed

We got hit with a lot of rain from tropical storm Nate. Although the weather channel officially said Seneca got 1.54 inches, Sharon’s rain gauge showed 5 inches in our yard. There are still spots to work on leaks, but it takes a really heavy rain to show them, hose was not sufficient.

French drain between driveway and new dome – white pipe is for a yard drain

The French drain was dug for the side of the dome which has the land sloping down to it. This should catch runoff and divert it around the house (also runoff from the dome, as there is no roof and gutters). The other side has so many utilities coming in, it would just confuse things to add a French drain, and the ground slopes away anyway. We do have a large drain that runs under the foundation, to take water from the driveway to the back yard.

yard drain to empty into back yard, downhill from house. L-shaped trench beside it is for electrical conduit.

I am now on the waiting list for a gas line to be run to my house – should be in 3 to 5 weeks. They will give a courtesy call a few days ahead, so I can arrange things. Like having Sharon present to supervise so her plants can be moved instead of plowed through. I also plan to have someone put in a new water line (swapping meters with Sharon’s house). The extension of the electrical line from the meter to a new breaker box for the addition (the original is fully used) is in a buried conduit, and the space between my back patio and back door has already been dug for that. The only remaining excavation will be to extend the septic drainage beds and connect the new drains to the septic tank.

Shape of future powder room – will have a pocket door and enough room to turn a wheel chair, if needed

Wall framing is done. This really shows me how much space I’ll have. Some of the electrical outlet work is under way. The lines for radiators are installed under the floor.

living room with sub-flooring and red plastic pipes for radiators along the edge

I like being able to see what the new place will look like with walls framed in place. They are also starting the ceiling over the master bath.

master bath will walls and start of ceiling

I have someone lined up to work on the bathroom tile and shower, plus odds and ends of finishing. Our goal is for him to start tile November 1. I need to make a decision on tile, floor I know, but shower walls are still in question.

master bedroom, prior to closet and living room walls (too much equipment to get a decent picture now). Giant window is for emergency egress, and is 5×5 feet.


Sub-Flooring and Stuff

October, the temperatures are supposed to get to decent levels now, and the work is being done inside. I am getting so anxious to have this finished and have some space for myself.

beginning of sub-flooring, living room

The sub-flooring is the first part of the work. They have put down the joists, and left a chase for the radiator pipes along the edge. Since I want 2 outlets in the floor near the couch, there has been an electrical line run under the floor. It has to have an inspector approve it prior to covering it. (And as I was writing this, I got an email from the inspector with approval). Now working on the plywood for the rest of the floor. Once that is down, I can safely walk out there again.

sub-flooring with all joists done

sub-flooring with some plywood

The crew has worked really hard to make sure there are no leaky seams between panels and especially in the connections between the hallway and each dome. I purchased a concrete waterproofing product that I hope will hold up for a long time. Kryton is used commercially for a lot of projects world-wide. I picked mine up in Charlotte at the nearest distributor, Carolina Specialties. It’s not inexpensive, but it will pay for itself in less frustration and less frequent repainting of the house. I may not have to worry about replacing a roof, but I do need to paint from the top down with some frequency. We plan to let the concrete cure for a few months before applying paint. We don’t want moisture trapped in the concrete.

The crew started framing the walls. That’s good, because electrical work can start. The HVAC and plumbing have been started, nice red plastic lines for the radiators. That’s better than the lead pipes they used to use, what I had in my Roanoke house.

Looking Out

Today I’m posting a slightly different point of view. The supporting boards in the hallway are now down and I was able to walk out my front door into the addition. It is still a step down, because the subflooring has not been installed yet, but I was able to wander out past equipment. I took pictures showing what my views would be once I’m living in the new part.

from old front door – orange scaffolding is approximately where the powder room will be

I really like the bedroom view, toward a really pretty stand of trees. The only downside to this is the orientation is to the east, so I’ll need curtains to sleep late.

bedroom window

The living room door will face the old shed and Sharon’s flowerbed around it, and a large bed across the driveway. This will be a great and changing view as flowers vary by season.

front door and window view

The view out my hallway door and window will be toward my parking space, as this is going to be the door I use most, near to kitchen for hauling in groceries, and just convenient to the parking spot. I hope to have this as kind of a mudroom, as there is also a door across to the back yard.

from hallway, door and window toward parking spot

The view of the living room gives a nice feel for how long a stretch I’m adding – about 45 feet from old front door to new front door. (The cats will love racing that long distance.) This picture also gives some sense of height. I will not have any ceiling to block this view to the top.The crew is still filling any gaps in the foam with spray foam and trimming back. It will look so good once the plaster is covering all of it.

standing at new front door, view tall ceilings and down hallway to old front door

Starting the Connector

view to N with bathroom window opening ready and connector panels

The extended forklift is waiting for the equipment rental store to send someone to pick it up (but my rental charges are ended). The crew has been working on the connector hallway between old and new domes. Since I’m putting sheet vinyl down in the kitchen and spare room (old dome) and hardwood in the new, they are making sure the floor is one smooth transition. This is requiring some adjustments on the first row of panels.

view from current front door with bottom panels – there will be a door to each side at these openings

With the hurricane remnants bringing rain our way this week, I think they’d like to get it enclosed as much as possible so they aren’t splashing around in puddles. The hallway has been collecting deep puddles every time it rains much, because there is a row of concrete blocks to elevate the walls, and no place for runoff. The doors and windows are some of the last items to be installed, and the crew needs the ventilation now, so there will be rain blown in. At least the weather is a lot cooler than last week, 10 to 20 degrees.

view to SE with start of connector walls

I’ve been busy spending money online to order things they might need before I get back from a trip I’m taking. My siblings, their spouses, and I have rented a house near Madison WI for a small reunion. We like to get together every year or two like this, and VRBO has been a great place to find homes big enough. The location was selected because my brother is entered in another Ironman race. I am looking forward to seeing all of them, after spending the past year recovering from injury, then surgery on the rotator cuff. This will test my recovery to drive so far, but I’m stopping halfway overnight and the hotel has a hot tub. Sounds good.

Eclipse Week

crescents from colander holes

We were directly under the totality path, and it was great! I only took one picture, was too busy looking up at the corona and the 360 degree sunset for the 2 1/2 minutes. Besides, I did not have a zoom lens that would have done enough for a good pic. It was worth standing out in the heat.

view to SE, with another load of sand,

This week they are finishing off the seams and as you see in the picture, the solar tube (22 inches in diameter) will go in the living room ceiling. They will cut the hole tomorrow.

view to N, bathroom window prepared

The bathroom window is about ready for the actual window (a much later add-on). In the front of this picture you can see the beautyberry bush in fruit. It was a new plant to me when I moved farther south to SC. It is so pretty.

Next is the connector hallway, then flooring, with heating system installed.


Didn’t make it through to the end

it mixed a lot of concrete

Got the bright yellow mixer for building the first dome. I guess this larger dome was just too much for it. It reached the end of its usefulness and has been replaced. Of course, I was hoping (and expecting it) to make it through without another expense, but not my luck on this addition. There is still quite a bit of concrete to mix and apply, so the new black and blue model will take over.

let’s see what this model can do

Just a quick note and pictures

view to SE dome completed, although needs additional coats on seams

Today the crew got the last tier in place and the first coat of concrete on the seams! Now to add more concrete and to install the connector between domes.

view to E, completed through top tier. This is the least muddy view, away from the actual construction.