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Next Phase

Things happened fast this fall. After the contract on my Roanoke house fell through in May, the house kept showing well, but no offers. Since I had the mortgage paid off, I could just sit on it until I got a decent price. I slipped at the end of the summer and hurt my left shoulder as I caught myself from falling. I chipped a bone and tore the rotator cuff. Unfortunately the nearest orthopedic center is always too busy, and it has taken me a long time to get it fixed (still not done yet). At the end of September, I got an offer on the house with a requested closing of October 31, pretty fast. This one came through, and I was there the last week in October to empty the house. Frustrating that I could not use my left arm for much, still painful when I try to lift much. So a wonderful friend came over and helped me pack down the small stuff and I hired a local moving crew to pack the trailer.

Furniture Delivery to SC

Furniture Delivery to SC

Although I had a 28 foot trailer, they packed only 10 linear feet of it, and surprisingly, no other stops were made to use the rest of the space. The next week the trailer was delivered here in Seneca, and I had another crew unload it into a shed I had purchased for this purpose. It is stuffed and we had to put a couple of items elsewhere. My current house is so packed with stuff I’ve been bringing back for the past few years, am planning for and looking forward to storage space. And I really did get rid of a lot of things.

Closing was Monday, but the check was too late to file the deed that afternoon, so I got my money on Tuesday. That means I can afford to seriously plan and build the addition. First I need to attend to a couple of health issues, mostly the surgery on the torn rotator cuff. It’s scheduled for month from now, and I know it’ll take a while to recover, with lots of physical therapy, but I will be so glad to get back to normal movement.