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Didn’t make it through to the end

it mixed a lot of concrete

Got the bright yellow mixer for building the first dome. I guess this larger dome was just too much for it. It reached the end of its usefulness and has been replaced. Of course, I was hoping (and expecting it) to make it through without another expense, but not my luck on this addition. There is still quite a bit of concrete to mix and apply, so the new black and blue model will take over.

let’s see what this model can do

Just a quick note and pictures

view to SE dome completed, although needs additional coats on seams

Today the crew got the last tier in place and the first coat of concrete on the seams! Now to add more concrete and to install the connector between domes.

view to E, completed through top tier. This is the least muddy view, away from the actual construction.

Cooler Weather, More Work

Rainy day, a lot more completed – view to East

End of the week and the crew has the next-to-last tier of triangles set in place. Still have the clamping together of the mesh, then application of concrete in the seams, but it is really shaping up. A couple of the guys plan to work on Saturday to complete the concrete on this tier. The cooler and rainy weather has really helped. It has not been too wet to allow the concrete to set, so things went quite a bit faster this week.

View to SE – one tier to go

view to NW, rather muddy jobsite

View to west, mud everywhere from past week of rain.

This leaves one more tier of 5 triangles at the top and the hallway connector before the shell is up. A final coat of concrete will be added to the seams, making it smoother and looking good. Once it is fully cured, the support framework can be removed. After that is putting in a floor, inbound plumbing, and the heating system. Then the interior walls go up and electrical and air conditioning stuff will be run. I sure hope having all the foam makes it more comfortable to work in the heat. There is still a lot to do.

More Pictures

view to west with work on entryways

The crew has had some trouble getting the entryways put together properly, really slow going. One thing that needed to be done was a concrete lip around the edge of the overhang to divert rain. I expect the rest of the panels will go a lot faster, maybe until they reach the connector. It is not the geodesic shape, but it is made from foam and then covered with reinforcing steel mesh and concrete.

We’ve gotten a week of rainy weather, humid but a bit cooler. They are completing setting the next tier in place today. Of course then an application of concrete in the seams, and when it is set, the fourth tier will be set in place. But, I was just told it may be next week for concrete if the rain stays as heavy as it has been.

Not a lot to say today, so I’ll just show pictures, the first three from last week when sunny.

view to north, can see framing for bathroom window

view to SE as another tier is set in place

view from old front door showing another tier in place

View to east, can see all 3 domes: small one with the window at front of this picture is the bath/laundry room, then existing dome, and then new with the beginning of the next tier of panels. My back door is on the right of the picture, with the canopy over the patio.