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Getting Close to the Finish

I know it’s been a while since I posted anything, but my excuse is that I’ve been sick – not flu, but a couple other things going around. Still not completed, but the addition is looking like I’d planned.

The floor has been installed in the living room, bedroom, and powder room, just waiting on some HVAC work to complete the hallway. The tile floor is done in the master bath, and I’ve decided to use tile for the hall floor from the doors to the original dome. With tile a small distance up the wall on one wall, it will be a mudroom entry and a spot for litter boxes that will be easier to clean than the cork floor.

cork floor and baseboard in living room

The sinks have been hung (wall-mounted) in both bathrooms, although we had to add plywood reinforcement behind to make sure the weight would be supported. The sinks are both a high-glass white with a solid surface sink top in white. My color is the painted walls.

The A/C air handler units are mounted, with only about an hour of work left to make them functioning. This is a big milestone, as it means I can use them on reverse cycle as heat pumps to heat until the radiators are ready. Sooner to get occupancy approval!

master bedroom is painted and air handler is partly installed

The shower pan is tiled and actually the back wall is tiled about three feet up. Gravity prevents it from all being set at one time. Now the floor tile is covered in paper, so I decided I wanted to show the mixed beige and brown tiles, as the beige wall is not exciting. It’ll be better when the decorative glass tile stripes go in.

shower pan has tile completed

The soaker tub has caused a little delay, first with a non-flat part that required a little removal of tile and wood in two spots so it would sit even on the surround. I expect it will be completed in a couple of days. I am so looking forward to a hot jetted soak.

tub is unpacked and waiting in the living room

The master bath toilet is nearly complete. The plumber wants to reinforce behind it, so it won’t pivot into the sheet rock. Other than that, it is supposed to support 700 to 800 pounds, so should hold up well. I have my short wall in place, with switches on the outside. I have very neutral colors in fixtures and tile, so I can be a bit crazy with saturated colors – two walls in an orange terracotta, and one wall in a buttery yellow. I’ve combined these before, so I know I like it, but paint is also the easiest thing to change if I do tire of it.

master bath commode (wall color changes with each angle, it’s not quite a dark as the back wall looks)

Both cats followed me into the new living room this afternoon, my Leo is getting braver. Kinsey insists she needs to explore every day.