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Still Waiting

Well, I am getting so impatient about getting moved into my addition. I’ve been squeezed into my approximately 600 square foot home, with a lot of stuff from my house in Roanoke for almost 16 months. The furniture is stored in a small shed, but a lot of boxes are inside with temperature control. The shed will probably be like a clown car when we unload it, it is so stuffed.

For some reason, the various crews are not communicating well, not only with each other, but also with me. I mediate and try to get things moving as I find problems, but things have really slowed down as of the beginning of the year.

The original construction crew has mostly left for other jobs. The plumbing is being done by my HVAC company, but it’s a small department and they have some large jobs so are allotting a certain amount of time per week. Of course I have chosen some non-standard items, like wall-mounted toilets, which take longer. The tile is going up as fast as possible, but gravity dictates how many vertical rows can be done until the thinset dries. My tiler is also painting and is keeping things tidy. I find I am relying on him for odds and ends, but his regular spring and summer job is starting up very soon. He is planning to work on days off on my place.

The concrete sealer that I got to mix into the wet mix looks to be doing a good job. With the elastomeric paint over the top, the new section has only had a leak around the solar tube and the connection between old and new. Unfortunately, we did a power wash of the original dome before repainting it, and apparently they were too enthusiastic and unsealed some cracks that we’d finally fixed. Now those need another coat of paint, but are not too bad. We are in the midst of frequent rainy days, so are working on the join between the old and new sections as weather allows.

I’m glad I have a concrete patio to step onto!

The cats are feeling cooped up, too, as I have started to hear a lot more growling and spitting recently. So, I have been taking them for a tour of the addition each evening. My girl loved it from the start, meowing her way around the living room. I think she liked the echoing she was hearing. The boy is easily scared, and has taken quite a long time to venture around the living room. He has now even gone through the bedroom and master bath. They’ll both adapt easily once my old familiar furniture is moved in.

The radiator lines should be a completed loop tomorrow, allowing us to finish the cork flooring in the hallway. We will put the tile flooring down there after the old door is removed. They plan to install the on demand water heater the next day, so I hope to have water to the plumbing then.

After the cork laminate flooring was down in the living room, one of the crew mentioned it had not lasted at his in-laws home. So I’ve been looking into a sealer. By chance the grout sealer bottle was spilled on the cork, and we found it is not discoloring, and it is waterproofing. It should do the job, plus it will dry much faster than a polyurethane.

soaker tub just needs faucet and water

shower with tile and glass block about done

The bathroom is going to make me happy once I am moved in. Most pieces are done, including the glass block shower, but no water is connected yet. Grab bars in both master bath and powder room, a little wall touch-ups.

powder room, sink side (blue is protective covering)

powder room, other side

The biggest project outside of the heating system is removing the door between old and new. It can’t be rushed, because we want most inside work completed first – I’ll need to turn up the heat, lock the doors at night (this means getting up earlier than normal to let workers in), and block the cats from the work zone.