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You know, it’s really boring to put together a blog post without any pictures. And not enough stuff has been happening to be photographed or very interesting. Until now! I have a contract on the house in Roanoke, after only one month on the market, for a decent price. With the help of some very good friends, I made the final push to stage the house and hire a realtor in April. Now I have to hire movers and get moving a bit faster on addition plans for the Seneca house.

My realtor, Jackie Boyd, hires a professional photographer for her home listings and posts to a number of online realty sites. Here’s lots of pictures from Zillow. Since it is under contract, it is not showing in the regular for sale search, but can be seen here. PICTURES IN LINK!

I plan to attach a slightly larger dome to about double the space. I do not plan to have any loft storage, as it is too difficult for me to climb a ladder. I am looking at a lot of safety issues for ageing in place. I also hope to put in a few luxury items, like a whirlpool tub with a separate shower. The furniture in Roanoke will all be moved here. I already have a laundry room and kitchen, so less expense there.

It’s fun to plan and search for the products I want, but I am honestly not looking forward to the construction period, right outside my door. There’s nowhere to move, and I feel like apologizing to my cats when I think of the noise and people they will have inflicted on them. They’ll hide under the bed and sleep the days away. But it’ll be over in a few months and a great new space will be ours. I expect I’ll be posting more regularly when things are active.