Lots of little bits of progress

Water line has been connected to the addition. Gas line and meter connected, and on-demand water heater connected. The tub faucet has been installed. Sinks, toilets, shower, and tub have been checked, only had a problem with dirt on one line blocking water, now gone. Just need the grab bars installed. I have working bathrooms!

Inside utility building, water heater side

Exterior utilities. I bought an exterior water heater instead of interior, because I could not find a difference in the literature available, so for venting reasons it has to be mounted on the outside of the building.

The input and output lines for the radiator loop have been run under the hall floor and holes drilled into the original domes, as there will be two radiators installed there, too. Since I have heat via the ductless A/C on reverse cycle, the radiators can be last on the list.
The rest of the cork flooring has been installed in the hall, with just tile work waiting until later. The two electrical outlets in the living room floor are installed, and the crystal chandelier has been hung at the new front window (I just need to find where I stored the bulbs last May when it was removed from the kitchen window). The wooden strips between sections of flooring have been installed. Baseboards are installed.

The county building codes inspector will be out on Monday for what I certainly hope is final approval for occupancy.

The biggest projects left are: removal of the door between old and new, with the opening being finished with plaster. This will also wrap around to the kitchen to finish plaster around the windows installed before the other construction began. All of the grout and tile needs to be sealed. We will use the same waterproofing product on the cork flooring. Of course, radiators will need to be installed with the boiler system. Another problem that has to be solved is the leak where the old and new structures meet. It has been reduced, but not eliminated. I’ve ordered an adhesive rubber membrane that is wide enough to cover the old overhang, which is where I suspect the water is collecting under a concrete patch from a couple of years ago. If this works, I hope the strong elastomeric paint will sufficiently cover it and seal it from future leaks.

My tiler has been called back to another job for 7 months, but I can wait on the sink backsplash for both bathrooms. I hope he’ll have some time to do the end of the hallway during that time. So far, his expected 30 – 40 hour weeks are now 50 – 60 hours, so he is lining up others to do his other jobs. I sure hope he doesn’t work himself sick.

Most of the paint touch-ups have been done, except for the master bathroom. The end of the hall and kitchen will need paint.

I assembled one of the three cabinets that will go into the hall and am waiting until the floors are sealed before I do the rest. These are going to be nice storage.

We are looking at landscaping now, making Sharon happy that I can finally change my focus to it. She is anxious to make my house bloom as well as hers. Of course, this is what she sees from her back windows, and naked foundations offend her.

muddy parking, no landscaping yet

As finances allow, I will be putting down more stone in the driveway, plus drainage. I want to put river rocks around the drain on the upside of the house beside the driveway.

I can hardly wait for enough space to get back to making jewelry. My creative urges have been cramped for too long.


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