Happy New Year to All

For those who want to see the house plan, I’ve posted this before, but it might be hard to find.

general idea of the layout for the addition

I’ve stayed with the design, mainly because it was exactly what I requested. A few details have changed, like a pivot door instead of a pocket door for the powder room. I had not heard that term before, but found one in a Lowe’s brochure. Actually my brother’s home has one for the downstairs bathroom. The door is split in the center and both sides are hinged. It allows a wider (and safer) path in the hallway outside if someone opens the door unexpectedly. I found one that has opaque glass to allow more light into the small room with no window.

I also have an open walkway between hall and living room, although the plan shows walls with a doorway. It will have the back wall of the powder room and a divider to prevent anyone from walking into a cabinet on the other side, otherwise open.

I also decided to use glass block for the shower, to allow more light into the far corner of the master bathroom. The size is about the same, just a little tweaking to have the opening on one side rather than the front. This was to give me a barrier-free opening.

I had always planned to have a short wall beside the toilet in the master bath, just did not bother to specify at design time, figuring it was an easy addition. This gives me something for leverage to stand, in case I need it. (I have, after 2 surgeries a year apart – repairs, not too serious). I will also have the switches for 3 lights and the fan on the side of the wall, handy from the command seat, kind of like the Star Trek captain’s chair. And this is all right inside the door on entry to the room.

I am actually going to create a small wall with bookcases, placing two back-to-back and perpendicular to the wall, right beside the living room door to the bedroom. I will have a small nook for a recliner, table, and lamp – a reading spot right inside the front door. This will also give a little privacy by blocking a view from the driveway and front door into the master bedroom and bathroom.

I am not putting in a closet next to the back door in the hall, as I already have a closet just inside the original dome. I plan to use that space for cat litter boxes, unless a better spot is found.

I believe we made the bedroom closet a little smaller, no problem for someone who is retired and never dresses up any more. I’ll have more dresser space for my casual clothes.

Here’s a link to an early version of the entire house. (You may need to click twice to pull up a picture, as it’s a pdf, not a picture.)


And this weekend I’m assembling sink cabinets from Ikea. It’s a job I like.


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