It Really Is Nearly Done

I’m starting to see the end of this project. I am so tired of living in such tight quarters. As I’ve acquired things for the addition when on sale, all of the small stuff (light fixtures, faucets, etc.) is stored in my kitchen. and I really have about a 2 to 3 foot wide path anywhere I go in my home. I had hoped to be done a couple of months ago, but I should have taken the delay before the panels even shipped as an omen of more to come. And the delays did keep coming. I’ve gotten almost as jumpy as my cats with all the people wandering around outside my home. It will be so pleasant to just relax and enjoy the quiet.

We needed to add to the septic drainage beds, and that was done in one day, approved by DHEC, so only final inspection remains after the rest is done. I hired a local company from Townville, A2B Contracting, and they did a great job.

last big excavation, extend drainage beds 45 feet

All the water lines have been filled in. They did work on grading around the driveway, to hopefully prevent rainwater from running down to the front of the house and causing problems. We want it to follow the other side of the drive to the end of the house, then downslope.

Yard graded and grass seeded behind the house

Inside, the crew has completed taping and plastering the seams – and there are a lot of them with all the triangles all the way up to the top. They’ve sprayed texture to the walls at the end of last week. It dried over the weekend and was primed yesterday. It took over 12 gallons. The walls are looking good. It’s called a knock-down finish. Since I already have that in the original dome, and like it with a semigloss paint, I chose to continue in the addition. I have selected paint colors I had in the house in Roanoke and found to be comfortable for me. Sage in the living room, to the top of the dome. The bedroom will have that top of the dome as its ceiling, but the walls will be a dark forest green. The hallway and powder room will be yellow, as will the window wall in the kitchen (pale gray will remain for the rest of the kitchen).

after plaster texturing, priming, ceiling painted. Inside living room walls will be painted later.

other side of living room 

The master bath is getting two colors on its walls, yellow and terracotta (a mix I liked in a bedroom in my other house), and tile on floor, tub surround, shower wall, and sink back splash. It has been delayed by different crews on different schedules, then by illness, but it is coming along.

bathroom with progress on tub and shower, floor leveling compound down before floor tiles

Sharon and I completed another project the past 2 days, met the new owners for her final 2 puppies, for delivery as surprise Christmas gifts for the children. We met at a central location that worked out to be Roanoke, so I got to see a couple of friends and load up the rest of my fragile kitchen items which were stored in my friend Phyllis’s basement. Of course, the boxes may live in the car for a week or so….


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2 responses to “It Really Is Nearly Done”

  1. Cathy says :

    It’s been a long haul but it will be worth the wait! I hope you are celebrating the new year in new quarters!

  2. Myrle Diefendorf says :

    Donaa, It really lokks like by spring you will have a lovely home and ready for the landscaping etc. FINALLY! So glad kt is almost finished .

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