The Pups, They Keep A-Growing

At five weeks old, we are marveling every day at the pup’s development. They are now running, mock fighting, dragging toys around the pen and chomping on each other. Most of them have razor sharp teeth, so I am really looking forward to being able to feed straight kibble. Kibble mush requires a lot of preparation and even more clean-up.

Speaking of clean-up, poop patrol has become quite a task. Most of them can manage to get to the potty box, most of the time. Training puppies to a potty box gives them a head-start on later housebreaking. You need to be sure to only use a kitty litter named Yesterday’s News, as they will ingest it.  They ingest other things, but I sincerely hope this phase passes soon.

Previously, we had tried wood pellets but they made quite a mess. They turned to sawdust when wet, and ended up everywhere.  This kitty litter more or less turns to mush in the under layer and packs down rather neatly, with a top layer of the pellets. Seems to me this could be an excellent solution for a small dog in an apartment without access to an outside area.

Enough about potty matters, let’s have some pictures of cute furballs – which is what this is all about, right?


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These are Goldendoodle puppies from Souls’ Ease Goldendoodles in Upstate SC and they are for sale as of mid October 2017. They will be going home the week of November 15th.

Our website is still in development, but our Facebook page is up, and contains videos of the pups playing.








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Retired DuPont engineer; currently raising puppies and posies.

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