Sub-Flooring and Stuff

October, the temperatures are supposed to get to decent levels now, and the work is being done inside. I am getting so anxious to have this finished and have some space for myself.

beginning of sub-flooring, living room

The sub-flooring is the first part of the work. They have put down the joists, and left a chase for the radiator pipes along the edge. Since I want 2 outlets in the floor near the couch, there has been an electrical line run under the floor. It has to have an inspector approve it prior to covering it. (And as I was writing this, I got an email from the inspector with approval). Now working on the plywood for the rest of the floor. Once that is down, I can safely walk out there again.

sub-flooring with all joists done

sub-flooring with some plywood

The crew has worked really hard to make sure there are no leaky seams between panels and especially in the connections between the hallway and each dome. I purchased a concrete waterproofing product that I hope will hold up for a long time. Kryton is used commercially for a lot of projects world-wide. I picked mine up in Charlotte at the nearest distributor, Carolina Specialties. It’s not inexpensive, but it will pay for itself in less frustration and less frequent repainting of the house. I may not have to worry about replacing a roof, but I do need to paint from the top down with some frequency. We plan to let the concrete cure for a few months before applying paint. We don’t want moisture trapped in the concrete.

The crew started framing the walls. That’s good, because electrical work can start. The HVAC and plumbing have been started, nice red plastic lines for the radiators. That’s better than the lead pipes they used to use, what I had in my Roanoke house.


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One response to “Sub-Flooring and Stuff”

  1. Linda says :

    Steady, steady, build it right 😀

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