puppies, Puppies, PUPPIES!!!

We delivered our first litter of Goldendoodle puppies 3 weeks ago, on September 11th. It has been an adventure.

Daenerys – and yes, I am a big fan of Game of Thrones – delivered 7 healthy puppies. Four are boys and 3 are girls, ranging from blonde to a reddish tint and a few in between.

The obligatory “milk bar” picture:

milk bar

the milk bar, fully patronized.

The first two weeks, the pups are considered neonates. They are blind, and deaf. if you pick one up, they scream bloody murder. This is not my favorite time period. They nurse, sleep and eliminate.

The good news for this stage is that mom has to lick them to stimulate elimination and she cleans up as part of the process. The bad news is that Dani has no sense of personal space. A 10 ounce puppy under a 42 pound mama could be in big trouble. Around the clock vigilance is necessary for the first 10 days. Along with screaming puppies because they were hungry – after hurriedly checking to ensure no one was under Dani – this made for a lot of sleep deprivation. I was seriously rethinking my plan to supplement my pension by breeding and selling dogs.

I am new to this whole motherhood gig, even if vicariously.  We went to the vet to get Dani an oxytocin shot to stimulate milk production the day after birthing, but her  milk still did not really “come in” until the pups were a week old. Skinny puppies scare me half to death.; they have no reserves to fight off anything. I was preparing to supplement when they finally started nursing well.  I slept much better when there were rotund little bellies.

The pups don’t really start coming into their own until the 3rd week.  Tiny little eyes start myopically peering back at you and  58/ tiny, tiny barks are heard. As their ears open, the pups begin to vocalize.

There are pint sized growls, yips, screams, and a trilling sound that is very catlike now issuing from the whelping box.

week 3 teething

Our Facebook page,  Souls’ Ease Goldendoodles has lots more pictures and videos of this litter.


full tummy




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Retired DuPont engineer; currently raising puppies and posies.

2 responses to “puppies, Puppies, PUPPIES!!!”

  1. Myrle says :

    Goegeous babies, a lot of work…myrle

  2. Linda says :

    Puppies!!! OMG! So adorable!

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