Looking Out

Today I’m posting a slightly different point of view. The supporting boards in the hallway are now down and I was able to walk out my front door into the addition. It is still a step down, because the subflooring has not been installed yet, but I was able to wander out past equipment. I took pictures showing what my views would be once I’m living in the new part.

from old front door – orange scaffolding is approximately where the powder room will be

I really like the bedroom view, toward a really pretty stand of trees. The only downside to this is the orientation is to the east, so I’ll need curtains to sleep late.

bedroom window

The living room door will face the old shed and Sharon’s flowerbed around it, and a large bed across the driveway. This will be a great and changing view as flowers vary by season.

front door and window view

The view out my hallway door and window will be toward my parking space, as this is going to be the door I use most, near to kitchen for hauling in groceries, and just convenient to the parking spot. I hope to have this as kind of a mudroom, as there is also a door across to the back yard.

from hallway, door and window toward parking spot

The view of the living room gives a nice feel for how long a stretch I’m adding – about 45 feet from old front door to new front door. (The cats will love racing that long distance.) This picture also gives some sense of height. I will not have any ceiling to block this view to the top.The crew is still filling any gaps in the foam with spray foam and trimming back. It will look so good once the plaster is covering all of it.

standing at new front door, view tall ceilings and down hallway to old front door


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3 responses to “Looking Out”

  1. James Kronberg says :

    Wonderful! Can’t wait to see it when finished. Any estimate?

  2. Linda Price says :

    It’s coming along!

  3. Teresa Evans Miller says :

    Looking good! I can’t wait to see it. I know you’re excited.

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