Dreams of Comfort

My master bath will be my luxury spot, even if I don’t plan to make it look too luxe. I had the bath in my Roanoke house remodeled into a very comfy spot: roomy, good fixtures, and convenient. Originally the dining room had a straight view of the toilet, so I had the wall moved back to take the closet space between the bath and a bedroom, with the sink and toilet moved back a couple of feet. It just felt so much better with more privacy and less tacky from the rest of the house. I kept the tub-shower combination, but replaced the old tub that was losing its glazing. I got a very well insulated Kohler tub that kept water hot for an hour. It made me like soaking. All-in-all, I brought forward those ideas for my new bath. The bathroom in the original dome is in a separate 12 foot dome that also houses the laundry, water heater, linen shelves. It is a toilet on one side, with sink and shower on the other with the full-sized washer and dryer. Pretty bare-bones shower, although spacious.

In my new master bath, I will have approximately a quarter of a 13 ft diameter circle, just slightly smaller than the bedroom. It will have one door from the bedroom, and one window on the wall between the shower and tub. There will be a wall-mounted toilet to the right of the door. This past year I had hernia surgery, then injury and surgery to my left rotator cuff. It really opens the eyes to the need for assistance at any age or disability. I had a grab bar installed next to the toilet, but if it had been my right shoulder that I’d injured, I would have had to bring in a shelf or table to help myself up. I plan to have a short wall at the toilet so I could use either or both hands if needed. In addition, I want it wired so I can turn on lights and fan, or charge my ereader. My friends laugh as we describe it like the Star Trek captain’s chair.

probable sink faucet

Along the wall with the living room, there will be a single sink cabinet and radiator. Then I will put a cabinet for linens against the outside wall.

Bathtub Size: 60″ x 42″ x 24″
Water Capacity: 85 Gallons
Back Slant: 25°

I will have a deep soaking tub to the left behind the door. It feels like my biggest splurge, but Sharon convinced me that I should not consider a hot tub on a patio, but put the money toward the bathroom tub. It will be jetted and have a heater to keep the temperature up. Until she gets her bathroom renovated, she has asked for visitation privilege. As hard as she works in the yard, of course. I plan to have a tiled deck around the tub, and a grab bar that will allow me to sit on the edge, swing my feet around, and safely get in or out.

Of course, with the need to fill a tub, I will need a decent water heater. I will have a gas on-demand heater. It is definitely more expensive than a standard tank heater, but with only one person demanding water on a regular basis, plus some for guests in the powder room, I think I will be saving a lot of fuel. The current heater is electric, and will continue to heat for the guest bathroom, laundry, and kitchen. It would be too far to run lines from the new one.

As I have been looking at the shower, I had planned about 3×4 with front corners cut back to allow 30 inches clearance around it. My budget might not allow me to finish everything right away, so I am presently considering (eventual) glass block walls for the shower, with a temporary rod and curtains to start. Or I may continue to shower in the old one. I’m still checking, glass block might not be much more expensive than ceramic tiles. I could have a curved wall, then open at the end with a curbless entry. It would allow a lot of light from the window over to the sink corner, and a curbless entry would be very good. Even if I decide against the glass, the shower pan could still be used with tiled walls. I plan to have a seat available to fold up against the wall, and of course a grab bar. The back wall would be tiled and hold these safety features. It would be an extra wall built for support, as the foam wall would not bear the weight of a person on a chair.

idea for glass block shower

This room will have a ceiling for privacy, and this means a loft area. By code it needs walls or railings, despite my not planning to use the area. Actually I will have a fan there to just keep the air circulating. The dome shape really helps this, but a fan will help keep it moving.

Lights for the master bath

I am not very fond of pot lights in the ceiling, so I have found three good-sized (24 inches wide) vanity lights at Ikea that will be placed around the room. I will want them on separate switches. Of course, I will have a timed fan switch, too.


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