Taking Shape

riser panels and support structure, view to north

view to southeast

The current work has been to get the temporary support structure into place. It is a dome shape made of 2x4s connected to metal hubs. It sits inside the dome, on the concrete and as the panels are moved into place on higher rounds, they rest on it as the steel mesh is connected and concrete is put into the seams. After all the panels are in place and the final concrete is cured, the support can be removed and inside will be one open space. From there interior walls can be added.

view from old front door to east

view to west

Connection between the old dome and the new dome is a hallway which also contains a powder room. The structure will also be of 7 inches of foam covered with steel reinforced concrete. It will be 17 feet long on one side and 20 feet on the other, as it is not straight out from the current front door, but angles to the back yard. This is to place the new dome behind the driveway instead of in it. The end at the old dome will be about 6 to 7 feet wide, and it will attach at the 12 foot entryway on the new dome.

There will be two single doors, one to back yard and one to the patio next to my parking spot. There will also be a window on this side. There will be no doors at the ends into the domes, just openings. The current front door will be moved to be the back door and the opening finished without a door frame.

The powder room will be simple, but large enough for a wheelchair, containing a wall-mounted toilet and a sink. I will also install a grab bar.

In the hallway, which will be an entry, too, I plan to keep the cat supplies. It will be nice to have litter boxes outside of primary human space.

This is also the area for a new electrical panel. There will be a radiator and an A/C unit. It will be a busy area.

I will have cabinets and/or shelves along the wall opposite the powder room, including a spot for electronic recharging. It is likely to be the best spot for a wifi router, too.

general idea of the layout for the addition



One response to “Taking Shape”

  1. Linda Price says :

    It’s really happening!

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