Walls and Doorways

View from SE, wall panels are up. The ones showing here are around the master bath and bedroom. Sharon’s house and the garden shed are in the background.

Wall panels are up. View from NE. Twelve foot openings for doors and windows, on left is bedroom window, right is living room front door.

I will leave it to Sharon to write a blog entry about her latest business (ad)venture, but it is going well. We had a rather busy week with her Goldendoodle, Dani, coming into heat. Yes, she is breeding dogs in addition to gardening.

That’s the good heat. On the site of the other house here at Soul’s Ease, the heat and humidity are really dragging on the crew. I suggested we could rent some of the construction lights if they wanted to come in before dawn and leave about noon. We’ll see what they want to do.

They are currently working on the entryways, which is a bit awkward with proper placement of some really strange shaped foam pieces around the wooden framing for doors and windows. One of the guys quit last week and another was sick one day. It is really hard to maneuver the big panels with just two workers, even with the forklift taking the weight of the panel. They are back to three workers and are working on the front door entryway and the bedroom window entryway.

View of living room toward outer wall.

The bedroom window needs to be large enough for emergency egress. When we (AI Domes and I) first looked at this, I had trouble imagining myself trying to get out a window over 3 feet off the floor. I’m just not that flexible any more, to say nothing about the extra pounds I’m trying to lose. They thought about it and suggested if I lost a couple of square feet of floor space, I could have an entryway with a big window or a door instead of a window dormer. This will be about a 5×5 window, and low enough that I wouldn’t have trouble stepping over it to get out. I didn’t really want another door, so this is a good choice. The window will be facing east, and I may put my bed right below it to use it as a sort of headboard/focal point. That’s just a decorative decision, which will be made later as I move in. The bedroom will be a rather odd shape, starting off as approximately a quarter circle with a diameter of 13 feet. The entryway will be 12 feet across, replacing two of the riser panels. There will be a walk-in closet taking the corner (about 24 sq ft) between the window and the wall to the living room. It is probably a lot bigger than I need for my retirement wardrobe, but I will be happy for more general storage. This will leave almost a rectangle of 12 x 13 for the bed and dresser. I do not really need a big bedroom, so I gave more room to my master bath. That’s where I want to pamper myself.

View of bedroom toward back wall and window.


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  1. Linda Price says :

    So much space!!!

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