Exploring the Space

The heat is so bad this past week, and expected at least through this and next. Little rain, and nighttime temps are in the 70s. That means the crew working on the addition is getting a lot of heat reflected back from concrete. They are going to start coming over about first light, around 6am for now. They may even consider working shorter days and on Saturday. Once the shell is completed, it should be an improvement working inside 7 inches of extruded foam, even if the windows, doors, and A/C are not in place.

I gave up my parking spot at the front and we now have a concrete storage and mixing space, with the sand pile on the old patio. It is conveniently close.

concrete work area

I went out my current front door to wander around the slab. The picture from my future front door across the new living room space and connector hallway seems so big. It’ll be different when walls are up, both interior and exterior, but it is a long stretch.

view from new front door

will be the four piece master bath

Living room will be basically a half-circle shape, with the flat side as the wall between it and the master suite. There will not be anything special about it, except size, with three different seating areas, one of which is my reading nook, with a recliner, bookcases, and charging place for my ereaders. The opposite corner will have a sofa (bed) and chair, with shelves for yarn storage. That will be a nice knitting corner. In the center will be my couch, two chairs, and an entertainment center, eventually with a new television that I plan to also use as a monitor for my computer. There will be various shelves and probably a microwave, as I’ve saved an old one that always popped perfectly unburned popcorn. Since the exterior wall behind the entertainment center faces the back of Sharon’s house, I don’t have any windows in it to provide privacy to both of us. And besides, who wants the glare behind a tv screen? I will have a double French door and a long window beside it at one end, and an open doorway to the connector at the other end, and a 22 inch solar tube in the center. I love the amount of light I get from the 10 inch tube in my current bathroom. It does not need any direct sun to brighten a space. The ceiling will be open to the top of the dome, about 18 feet. This means I won’t have any overhead lights, but I didn’t have any in my last house’s living room, either. Well, I will be moving the small chandelier from the old dining area to the new front door. I already have floor lamps and wall sconces. I plan to use my old furniture, all in good condition, and I like it. May need some sofa tables later.

I’ll describe other room plans later.




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