Pouring Concrete

Pouring concrete today. Two trucks and not quite enough. Third truck brought it up to about 27 cubic yards. They poured the footers and slab all at the same time, with dividers at approximately where one truckload would reach. The crew stayed late to get it all finished since Morgan Concrete was able to get the third truck to us. It has been such a hot day, but since I’ll have a subfloor and hardwood installed over this, it does not have to be too smooth, just enough that no one trips while working. And they have it plenty smooth for that.

Starting pour of footers

I know there are 7 inches of edge where the walls will sit, but it is finally looking large. Strange how the dirt and forms look smaller than an expanse of concrete in the same space. There is run of 45 to 50 feet from my current front door to the far end where the new front door will be, and that seems like a lot.

approved, ready for pour

concrete done and curing















I’m going to be able to go out the front door again – even though it is a construction site, sometimes I need to talk to the crew, and wandering around from the back is not convenient.

Sharon got the pieces of my front patio that had to be removed for the addition. She decided to use it as a potting station near the garden shed. That’s an area which has frequently been a bit muddy. The leftover concrete today went in that area to smooth the edges and fill the crack between 2 pieces.

Sharon’s workspace


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