First Inspection

We got approval on our first inspection – plumbing for waste lines. That has all been covered and lots of steel wire and rebar in place, with heavy plastic. We expect the inspector to look at this on Friday. It should be okay, so we scheduled a concrete delivery for Monday morning. It will probably take two. At least it doesn’t have to be super smooth, since I’m planning for hardwood flooring above it. The concrete floors did not work out here for me. I plan to cover the old section in sheet vinyl after everything is done on the new. The two sections will mesh up at the same height.

site ready and sand delivered

This morning I got a surprise, was in the back of the house and ignoring the construction noises, when a really loud back-up beep made me look up. All I could see out my kitchen window was dump truck. Then I remembered we were getting a load of sand, and that was the spot near the mortar mixer and mostly out of construction way. It is on what was my front patio, but that will help keep it clean.

dump truck at patio

It is still predicted to hit 90s next week, so the crew will have to work to keep the pour a bit moistened. One of the new guys Doug hired has a good bit of concrete experience, so this should help. I’m getting anxious to see the panels start going into place. Plus, before we start the second row, we will have the wooden support in place and get a good sense of how tall it will be. That structure will stay until all panels have been set, steel mesh connected, and concrete covering it on the seams. It will have a while to fully cure. The link between the old and new domes is not as tall, so less weight and no need for the support structure.

I have gained quite a bit of construction knowledge since the first dome went up. It helps me know what to ask for and about.


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