Well, I was not paying attention to where I stopped in the yard and stood on a fire ant nest. To those who don’t live in the area they are found, it does not take long for them to swarm out and let you know how unhappy they are. I learned after moving here (Roanoke does not have them), to wear slide on-off shoes and no open toed sandals. I just wasn’t careful, as we were out pointing at the site and waving our arms about where pipes were going. The ant nests are small and not very visible, as they have done a lot of moving with the equipment stirring up their nests. Antihistamine and some soothing cream really helps. Good news is that I think I’m developing a tolerance, as the welts and itch were gone in 4 days. They still hurt when they bite, though.

We got bad weather from the early tropical storms off the gulf coast, had enough rain one day over the weekend that part of the foundation looked like a moat. When we built the original dome, the winter was one of the rainiest in a long time. I seem to have this thing with water problems.

I think this is a spot I will use to take pictures of the progress at least each week.

We won’t be pouring the foundation and slab until next week, after the holiday. Too bad it wasn’t ready this week, as temperatures were much better. We’ve been continuing a series of small delays, but nothing as serious as the truck accident. We have the plumbers tomorrow to put in the pipes needed to set in concrete. The inspection by Building Codes is scheduled on Monday.

Still a good drop out the front door with 6 inches of gravel, but soon to have concrete

I sure hope we get the shell up in July. The small delays start to add up to bigger costs. I’m already making alternative plans if the budget gets too tight. I grew up in a house that my father worked on constantly, so a partially finished place I could tolerate, but really wanted it done and settled. As long as I can pass occupancy, I’ll be okay with waiting. It’s going to be so nice when finished. Only the bathtub is a luxury item (and that’s debatable with our older achy bodies) Sharon and I both plan to use the soaking tub. She claims visitation rights until she can redo her bathroom. It is more convenient and not more expensive than a hot tub. Most of the cost is in items I want for ageing in place. I want a safe and comfortable old age. For example, I have a modified drawing for the electrician with what I want, and in the 800 square foot addition I have 32 power outlets between indoors and outdoors. We have so many things that require power and I certainly don’t want to have the tripping hazard of extension cords. My old house in Roanoke had no outlet in the bathroom when I moved in. But in 1940 when the house was built, there just weren’t the small appliances like hair dryers and electric razors to need it. Times change. I plan to have a charging station for electronics, too.


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