This project is just not destined to be completed anywhere near then end of summer. I was awakened by a call this morning from the truck driver who was in Florida yesterday and took on the load of panels from AI Domes. There was an accident near Colombia this morning – thankfully no injuries, but another truck behind him didn’t get stopped in time and slid between his truck and the one beside him, blowing out tires. He said it did not look like much touched my stuff, just a few gouges (easily repaired with spray foam or concrete). Since he doesn’t know how long it’ll be before he gets towed in to replace wheels and tires, we are planning for tomorrow. At least I was able to reach my foreman before he left home and only the most local worker showed up here before Doug reached him. Just not a good day to start things, I guess. We have to leave enough room in the meadow for the truck to turn around, so no other work will start until after delivery.

“Tomorrow’s another day.”

Here’s a picture of the truck leaving the plant yesterday morning. Lots of stuff.

loaded truck




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