I’m Ready to Start

Things are getting close to starting on the build. I have the engineer-sealed plans, have gotten approval of my septic system, and we have been working to get everything else lined up for county to approve a building permit. Got it today! Since I’m putting the connector to the new dome over the current front door, I will lose a lot of light in my kitchen. I have had the 2ftx3ft windows replaced with 2ftx5ft windows and they look great. The A/C unit beneath them has been removed, too. I’ll have to start parking in back and using my back patio doors, as the concrete at the front will need to be removed and a regular foundation will eventually be poured. There are still a few plants to be moved, and we’ll probably have to get a load of dirt for leveling the site. It is on a small slope, so looks unlikely we’ll have enough without tearing up the yard too much. Adding it will be easier.

new kitchen windows

Sharon and I had planned to go to the annual Mensa gathering this summer, but decided it was going to be a lot easier if we just waited to go next year. She is hoping to have a litter of puppies started, and I’m starting on the addition – plenty to keep us occupied. This also means I won’t be worried about getting jewelry ready for a market there. I’ve gotten so far behind while healing the shoulder, having to cut back to keep from getting too sore.

I am back at working my upper body for strength training again, increase of weight after 3 or 4 weeks. It still is not feeling like normal, but I can lift a lot more everyday stuff. Shoulder injuries are certainly not an easy recovery. I have also been doing a lot of stretching of my hips, various modified yoga poses. It is slowly easing up and allowing me to move more easily.

We (2 cats and I) are settling into a new routine with the third cat gone. They are each trying to fill some of the empty role Buster played. It would help if they got along better. I will have to consider another grown cat after we have more room.  I think they will survive the build by being closed into the back (bedroom) half of the current dome. They are both fairly shy cats and hate the noise and commotion, but did all right while the windows were changed out. It will probably drive me crazier.

Rather than try to match up the pale gray paint in the kitchen, since the plaster is torn up around the windows and more will be when the door is replaced with an open doorway, I will probably start with the one wall in a yellow. I love a yellow kitchen, especially one that faces north. With the room open to the top of the dome, I don’t want to have to paint that for a good while, so it will stay pale gray. I really had colors I liked in the other house, so will go back to using those. Sage and forest for living room and bedroom, and a combination of terracotta and a muted yellow for the master bath. And best of all, my stuff goes with those colors, so nothing to replace, saving money.

We have a really big oak to one side between Sharon’s and my houses. A very large limb fell just as she was having a fenced area started for a dog run. After a problem with the new chain saw, they are finally getting it cleared and back to the fencing. At least the tree is solid, just one limb was bad. They counted 65 rings on the limb.

tree limb cleanup

After my spending many hours on the computer and phone, we are getting a lot of stuff delivered for the build: Porta-potti, a lull (extended forklift), the panels for the dome, a water cooler for the workers (it is already pretty hot around here), probably will need a load of fill dirt when the site is leveled and compacted. I made a run to Ikea for things that won’t wait for after completion (like bathroom sinks and lights). I will be ordering the rest of the bathroom fixtures in a couple of weeks. I hope my budget survives with enough to afford solar panels, we shall see.

preparing to store panels under these trees


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