Photo Contest and Jewelry Submissions

Well, now to wait and see if my jewelry catches the eyes of a magazine staff. There may be others that are a lot better, and I may not be a good enough photographer to properly highlight my work, but I have tried. There is a twice-yearly publication (Wirework) that Bead and Button magazine group publishes. They called for contributions, photos of final work and work-in-progress. If they select a piece for the magazine, the piece will be sent to them. The decisions and notifications will occur this month of March.

my earrings entry

my earrings entry

I sent pictures of a pair of earrings that I really like, using anodized aluminum rings and faceted beads. I like both the blue and the bronze that I have made, but decided the bronze was my favorite. I also made a necklace similar to one I wear a lot, a rainbow of colors with a dark neutral, black for my original and for the entry, I used bronze. I wanted to vary the ring by using a square wire ring for more sparkle, and did not have black. I also have developed a tutorial of an easier (for me) way to construct the weave. I am so pleased with the result, it has such a rich look.

my necklace entry

my necklace entry

Now I wait and hope. It would be a great visibility for my work ( ), and would keep my interest in ring work.

I hope my brother’s luck/skill continues on with me. He had a photo selected in a contest, and it will be featured Monday, March 9 on the cover of the website. He has taken some wonderful vacation pictures, and this is one from a photo safari in Botswana. He loves travel and has been to some beautiful places. Check it out If it is not March 9, you can find it by clicking on Top 250, then going to the 10th page (it is alphabetic), and looking for Dale Woods.

The month of February has been miserable weather. Although it was much colder north of SC, I am used to this and do not care for single digit temps. We had one bad ice storm and dodged a heavy snowfall during this time, too. A prediction of up to 8 inches ended being nearly an inch as the front held warmer temps in our area. I have not been able to get back to Roanoke, as the weather there has been quite bad. I want to make sure the driveway has melted and I can get to my house. The snow shovel is there in the garage, not much help when I’m not. I hope to go in another week or two. I am determined to have the place show-ready with one more visit. It is time to end physical ties to Roanoke and start enlarging this house.


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2 responses to “Photo Contest and Jewelry Submissions”

  1. Phyllis says :

    Hi Donna! Your orange earrings sold in the auction for $15.00 and we ran out of time before selling the purple ones, so I’m saving them for next year. The auction was a smashing success and the whole convention ran smoothly. Thank you so much for donating, and I plugged your web site.
    The next bombshell announcement was that the SAP folks who are currently in Norfolk are also getting transferred to Atlanta.

  2. Myrle Diefendorf says :

    I think your necklace is beautiful. Hope it wins for you.

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