Storm Damage

We had a very localized bit of bad weather yesterday. I suspect it is what they call a micro-burst of wind, along with a lot of rain, but it lasted less than a half hour. We lost some trees, a few neighbors lost branches, and power was out for three hours. When Sharon was out earlier today, she did not see damage except nearby. We think a tree or power lines came down across the road, as traffic yesterday stopped for a while.

screened room and patio mess

screened room and patio mess

I also probably lost the screened room I had on the back patio. The legs were under some big concrete blocks, but the wind just lifted it up and flipped it. A wrought iron bird feeder crook caught one leg and the screen, and was bent flat to the ground, but held onto the structure. Quite a few tears, will have to see if they are repairable, and if the framework has not been too damaged. It is too wet around it yet today (soggy clay) to try to pick it up.

tree down on back property line

tree down on back property line

Everything happened in a narrow path along one side of the property. One small tree between my house and the building next door came down. The biggest surprise was a very large pine in Sharon’s front shade bed, snapped at the ground, missed plants, including the Bradford pear, and cleared the corner of her house by less than 5 feet. And neither of us heard it fall. As seen in the picture, it was a pretty big one to fall. Maybe the branches cushioned it enough not to hit too hard.

pine down in shade garden

pine down in shade garden

side view of tree

side view of tree

I guess we’ll be looking for someone who wants free firewood.


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