Thoughts on the Future

This has been a time of getting back to some routine. The cats are still cuddling near, making me feel so guilty at leaving them too much. Cats can act so aloof that it is easy to forget how closely they bond with people.

After much consideration, I am planning on adding another dome to my house structure instead of building another whole home and renting the first. I will just add a master bedroom and bathroom, and living room, with a powder room in the entry/mudroom. It will be a little larger than the current one, as I realize how difficult it is to fit a lifetime of stuff into a tiny space. I really have thrown out or given away a lot, but that still leaves a lot to consolidate from a house of 1100 sq ft, plus basement and attic, to less than 600 sq ft (current dome), plus some storage buildings.

sketchy view of additional dome and entry

sketchy view of additional dome and entry

I am hoping the construction will be much less invasive than a remodel, since the new dome can be connected near the end of construction to the outside of my current living space. Of course the noise will be very close, but I will be nearby for overseeing details. I am probably doing wishful thinking here, but at least it won’t be 24 hours per day.

Another advantage I foresee is keeping a screen door between the main living section (new dome and entry room) and the kitchen (existing dome). Two of my cats jump onto counters when I’m not around, and I really do not like them on counters in the kitchen and dining room. The other cat does not jump on things, and she needs medication, so I would like to be able to separate her feeding from the boys and give her extra.

With only one more dome, no additional kitchen or laundry, I will save quite a bit of money. I have been thinking about some of the luxuries (dream time) I can afford with just adding on, and I should not have to re-finance the mortgage. I miss my remodeled bathroom in Roanoke. I really would like a soaker tub – the kind where you sit and have water over your shoulders. But most I’ve seen are quite expensive, so I will have the bathroom plumbed for a tub, but put the tub on the end of my wish list. I will have room for a separate shower stall.

Cork floors are another item I want to explore. Don’t think of bulletin boards, but a very compressed and durable surface. If not, probably bamboo is my next consideration.

I want a tile back splash in the kitchen, and the space is not too big, so I will have that fairly high on my wish list. It does involve work in my current living space, though.

I will probably run a gas line to the house after all. The cost for the distance from the main line is high, but I want to put in a gas-powered boiler for a radiator system, besides other items, and am not sure if propane is a good choice. Another item to study.

At the very bottom of my wish list is a stairway in my current tiny living room, so I can reach my loft storage myself. I hate having to get someone else to climb a ladder to get stuff. It is a much better storage area, out of easy reach of mice and bugs, than a storage building is for some of my items. The stairs would have to have an angle or two to reach the top, but I’m sure something could be devised. Until then, the function will be pantry, including a freezer.

I have made a list of all my furniture, from both places, and think almost everything can be used. I will see at that time what I can do with extras.

Unfortunately, this is all in the future, as the other house needs to be sold before I can afford to start building again.



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