Ready to Stage House

Just back from a big trip to Roanoke – I took a handyman with me to take care of a number of chores and some heavy lifting. Since I had a second driver, I rented a truck from Penske and cleared a lot of stuff. First was a load to the dump, then hauling back some of the big stuff I don’t need around for staging the house. Sharon’s washer had recently died, so I brought one back for her, also a freezer for us to share, and lots of boxes of my stuff.

cleared attic stairs

cleared attic stairs

cleared attic 1

cleared attic 2

I now have a totally empty and clean attic, just have to scrub and stage the living floor, and a little more clearing and cleaning in the basement. I do have a basement room where I can store more boxes of stuff until another trip or until the house sells. No, I have not put it on the market yet, but I expect to do so within a month. I was happy to see a house three over from mine sold since the last time I was there.

bedroom without boxes

bedroom without boxes

I had a scary deja vu, was at a store (Lowe’s Garden Center this time), and as I took a step back from the register, a woman had pulled up too close behind me and I almost fell over her cart. I was able to grab a pole and catch myself, but considering how similar that was to ten years ago when I broke my leg without falling down, it did shake me up. Other than wrenching my shoulder, I did not injure myself. It has now been adjusted and I feel okay. I have been trying to take things easy since I got back, knowing I don’t have the stamina I did twenty years ago when I made my last move.

We are so pleased with Jimmy (the handyman who went with me)’s mechanical ability. He helped start lawnmowers for two people in Roanoke, then yesterday he got Sharon’s mower started and surprisingly, the chipper we brought back. I had only used it three times because I could not pull start it. It has not run since 1999 when my father last started it. I figured the engine might have locked up, but it now runs. We can shred the brush pile instead of burning it, and have free mulch. Of course we will have to have someone run it for us.

dining room with only a box of painting supplies and cluttered table

dining room with only a box of painting supplies and cluttered table

I guess it is about time for the two city commute to end, as my cats were worse than ever about my being gone, and I was only gone five nights. I do have a couple of more long trips planned, though. They will be like velcro and worse, leave hair all over me when I return.


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  1. Phyllis says :

    Looking good!

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