New Plans

Hi everyone, a couple of things for me to plan, but otherwise I have been taking things slowly. The house in Roanoke has had little done. I went up right after the last snow (last month) but had injured my back and found I could not do much. I abandoned plans and came back to Seneca. A wasted trip, but I am feeling good again. Now I am trying to coordinate taking someone with me to work on the roof and the yard, and help drive back with a load of furniture and stuff that I do not want for staging the house. I did buy a small shed to hold the furniture, plus the rest after the house sells, until I build another, slightly bigger, place.

I have been doing a lot of chain maille jewelry. I find I am really enjoying it. There is something soothing about the work, with the rubbing together of ends of jump rings, and putting together the pattern – reminds me of the way knitting soothes with the needles swooshing together and the pattern forming. Now I have had a number of friends encouraging me to go ahead and sell my jewelry. I am seriously considering it, am looking into what I need to do to start. I will probably start with a page on Etsy, but will let everyone know when it happens. It would be nice to make enough money to keep investing in more material. I do not want to work too much at this, or it will lose its appeal, besides, I am retired and do not want a full time job again.

earrings and bracelet of chain maille with beads

earrings and bracelet of chain maille with beads

The other item for long-term planning is a party in August 2017. A friend announced that there will be a total solar eclipse occurring over Seneca in late afternoon on a Monday. I think this calls for a long weekend party for friends from all around, especially outside the range of the eclipse. We will plan something.

Short-term, I am looking forward to, and saving towards, two vacation trips this summer. One for a family wedding in Chicago at the beginning of June, and one for a convention with friends in Boston at the beginning of July. Things will be busy.


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One response to “New Plans”

  1. Phyllis says :

    Chain maille jewelry sells well at SF conventions; there was a dealer at Ravencon.

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