When is Spring?

The weather was so good this weekend, sunny and warm, not too hot. Many lawns were mowed. The SC Botanical Garden had a big plant sale, and gardeners all around worked to get their new plants into the ground before Monday’s predicted rain – a good soaking after planting is perfect. Unfortunately, by late Monday the weather report changed to prediction of possible freeze Tuesday night after the clouds moved out. So Tuesday evening had people out in jackets trying to cover and protect tender new plants.

I know this is not the worst weather, as friends farther north are still getting snow, but the timing on this was bad. It is the normal last frost date for this region, and after 80 degree temperatures, a lot of people decided that was unlikely. Hopefully the rain helped protect a lot, as I see frost on open areas that dried in the wind, and none on slightly protected areas that look wetter. My car sitting in the open, did get a coating.

Frosted car on April 16

Frosted car on April 16 

We have been enjoying the dogwood and redbud blooming this week. Only few late daffodils are still blooming, irises are showing up all around. Hostas are sprouting lots of leaves and filling in beautifully. Phlox is still giving bright patches to yards. Hillsides of trees are so pretty and lacy now, with a variety of chartreuse and greens just coming out on the bare branches, with the white dogwood peeping through. After a good rain the cars are all so shiny, now I guess we are back to thick matte coating of green from pollen, and more antihistamine.


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