New Plants!

Gloating over Plants on a Sunny Morn


Whose plants these are I know I bought

Our homes are in the country here;

They all will see me planting now

To watch my yard fill up with blooms.


My noisy dogs don’t think it queer

To see me outside, oh so near

Between the woods and sunny yard.

The brightest morning yet this year.


They bark to see the cat run by

To say my space – our space – get gone!

The only other sound’s the call

Of chirping birds and passing cars.


The beds are empty, dark and dull,

But I have flowers bright to plant,

And holes to dig before I sleep,

And holes to dig before I sleep.

With apologies to Robert Frost and many, many thanks to the Spring Plant Sale at the South Carolina Botanical Garden. I should also like to point out that not all of the flowers are for me!


About SharonMc

Retired DuPont engineer; currently raising puppies and posies.

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