Crime Wave?

Well, glad I keep a close eye on my accounts, as I found an unknown charge on my credit card for $525. I have called to take care of it, but unfortunately the current number has now been cancelled and I will get a new card soon. I am in Virginia and the card will be sent to my billing address in South Carolina. I have a debit card, so I can get home okay, but it is frustrating. I really liked that card number – yes I am a number geek, my degree was math – it was almost palindromic, so I easily memorized it years ago. I doubt that I will be so lucky again. The woman who took my call was very nice, and sympathetic, about it. I have not been using the card much the past 2 months, but who can guess what might have been hacked to get the number. I suppose it might have been Target, as I have shopped in a store but not online with the card. This was odd, the purchase location was a law enforcement supplies place – and the woman who helped me said it was non-durable goods. We couldn’t figure what it could be. Last time I had to switch cards was about ten years ago, so that’s not too bad, and they will credit my account after I fill out the form they are sending me. Worse things could have happened, but I hate being a victim.


2 responses to “Crime Wave?”

  1. Didi Pancake says :

    Non`durable goods in that kind of store would probably be ammo.

  2. Phyllis says :

    Scott at work said he had a unauthorized charge after he used his card at Mike’s lunch party and wanted to warn everybody else who ate there.

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