Back in Roanoke this week. It has not snowed, but it is really cold. When I
left SC, it was 70 degrees and I arrived to mid 30s in Roanoke, but it was
after dark. It is supposed to get into teens tonight. I am more than ever
happy with chosing to move to Seneca.

spring in Seneca

spring in Seneca

meanwhile back in Roanoke

meanwhile back in Roanoke


I attended a retirement party for someone I worked with on a system for about 10 years. He had a big grin, as did a couple of us retirees who attended, and the next couple of folks who plan retirement are practically counting down the days. They decided those of us who retired all look so much better because we are getting more sleep and less stress. True.

My goal this trip is to clear out the basement. Between stuff to throw out,
donate, and as little as possible to haul back to Seneca, I have a lot to do.
The upstairs is in decent shape, but still needs completion of cleaning and
staging – next trip. I hope to talk to the realtor then, too.

I am really activating my allergies with all the dust I am stirring up – just
sweeping usually does this. I lose my voice, frustrating, and working in the garden often does this too. At least I feel like I am making progress, lots in trash bags and fewer things in boxes to take with me.

I brought Kinsey, my girl cat, with me, although she hates the trip, she does enjoy a vacation with just me in her old familiar house, away from the tormenting boys. They are as bad as children sometimes. You can see how relaxed she is in her favorite sleeping spot on the couch cushion. I am enjoying having a companion with me.




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