More work on preparing old house

Back from another week in Roanoke, by myself, to work on the house. I washed and pressed all the window panels. I even had to go out to purchase a new iron, as the old one would not stay at temperature long enough. It was very frustrating just waiting for the heat. I had not realized how many I had, 25. I have generally taken them out of the dryer a little damp and hung them up right away. A few wrinkles did not bother me, but I want it looking the best for staging. I did replace the sets in the dining room with a nice light aqua with an embroidered pattern, floor length. All in all, this took more time than I expected. I also have 4 full length panels to press back here in the cottage, eventually.

new dining room curtains

new dining room curtains without creases – in real life, they don’t look like shower curtains

I also started washing windows, which includes the sills and frames, inside and out. It surprises me how fast a dark film shows up on the outside. I have washed it every few years, and want to have it bright white for showing. I had the outside frame clad in aluminum about 12 years ago – still happy with that idea, as it is a no-paint (maintenance free) surface. I did a lot of improvements then, like replacement windows that tilt in for cleaning, making exterior work a minimum.

I took my steam mop to work on the hardwood floors, and am very happy with the results. It took off any built-up film from old cleaners, left the floors looking very good. With repainting almost all rooms, there is little left to scrub on ceilings and walls. Doorframes and wide baseboards do need sprucing up – and I am using straight ammonia to remove any discoloration on those. It works well.

Beyond this, unfortunately, I only got 2/3 of the living room ready for staging, and very little sorting and tossing in basement and attic, but with the curtains all done, I expect to make better progress – if warm enough I will complete window washing next trip. too.

Kinsey in staged living room

Kinsey in staged living room

The place is looking good, but it no longer feels like my home. I took my female cat with me, even though it is a long drive. She does not get along well with the 2 boys, as they stalk and tease her. She seemed quite happy to be home without them, nice vacation for her. Now they are still re-adapting to each other, and she still has no patience with their playing. And I’m losing my patience with all the fighting.


One response to “More work on preparing old house”

  1. Myrle Diefendorf says :

    Looks good, Donna. I need you to figure out what to do in my old house (this one) .

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