Rough-in Approved

Frustrating day yesterday, the inspector did not show up after all. He did arrive this morning and passed our rough-in electrical, framing, plumbing. The crew has really jumped on finishing, got sheetrock up while I was at lunch with a friend.

front bedroom in light sage (after forest, chartreuse, and aqua over the years)

front bedroom in light sage (after forest, chartreuse, and aqua over the years)

Yesterday the crew knocked a lot of little stuff off my to-do list, fixing
curtain rods, hanging racks/rods in closets, put a jigsaw puzzle of luan down
in the kitchen while I shopped for vinyl. I even have a pretty bright blue front door. The front railing is not only re-attached (one board warped and pulled loose), but it is painted. This morning the sheet vinyl went down in the kitchen, looks good. I am still disappointed that the hardwood was so damaged, but it is an old house.

front steps

I am doing a lot of re-using with this fix-up. I had a toilet from upstairs, only a couple of years old when I remodeled. I found a good deal on a sturdy sink and vanity. Doug has gotten a couple good deals on damaged boxes of new items. I have an old waterbed frame that will be cut for shelves instead of building in a linen closet. Although we weren’t able to re-use the screening on the side porch, we did use an old storm/screen door.

door on side porch

door on side porch

Although a chance still exists for some snow, it is quite low and definitely won’t be enough to chill the ground, so none should stick. The temperature has dropped through the day, from mid 50s to low 40s, and will likely be in low 20s tonight. Nice to have had a few days in 60s to get a lot done outside.

front yard, in progress

front yard, in progress

I even got outside this morning to prune the large holly away from the house. It is quite a plant, one I’ve sawed a foot from the ground a couple of times, grows back nicely. Lately I have been keeping in more of a crape myrtle shape – like an umbrella – but branches keep growing out to touch the house. There’s still a lot of yard cleanup and pruning to do, but inside is going very well.

The chaos of having three extra people in my house, plus having it as a construction zone, is wearing me out. I will be so happy to finish up here and head back to my cats and new home. Next trip I’ll be doing major scrubbing and at least the start of staging.


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