Working on the Old House

Well, I am back in Roanoke this week and lots is happening. I brought the crew with me and a to-do list of things that I need completed before I can list the house. Some are my tasks, and the big ones are for the construction crew.

basement before work started

basement before work started

There is only one actual construction project, for completing the bathroom in the basement (I will have a 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom house), and I did get a permit. They have done the framing for the walls, and drilled a hole through the brick wall outside for a vent, tapped into the water line, and are running electric line from the box. The waste lines were already roughed-in when the upstairs bathroom was remodelled. The new one is located directly below the main bath, for convenience.

basement with walls framed

basement with bathroom walls framed

Our painter has really done a lot that I was afraid would take me a very long time. He has done the ceilings in 3 rooms and now the outside porch. The screened in porch has required more replacement than I’d expected, but the wood supports around the screening have been in place over 15 years and have rotted with weathering. They have already replaced and painted them. We are using the old storm/screen door from my back door – I had a replacement installed a long time ago and figured I should save it.

new and painted framing on porch - new screen yet to come

new and painted framing on porch – new screen yet to come

Once there is room to move in the basement, it will have a waterproofing paint applied to the outside walls, primarily to cut down on clamminess, as it does not leak. I have used it in the garage, which is also below ground on 3 sides, and it worked very well. The basement walls will be white, for brightness, and the ceiling will be a brown to match the wood of the joists.

Since I brought the crew from out of state, they are staying in my house – a
bit more crowded than I’ve had it before, but we are managing. I have a bed
and narrow windowseat in the guest room, but they chose to skip the window seat for the second man in favor of the twin bed in the basement. My foreman is still fighting an injured back and wanted the couch so he could use the back for support. I’m in my own room. At present, one bathroom, but there has not been a traffic problem. I grew up with 6 people and one bathroom, and remember traffic problems. I like to have an option, and just wish I had not waited to build the second bathroom.


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