One plant (shrub) that I had not noticed before moving here to South Carolina is a Confederate Rose. And this year with all the rain we’ve had, they have been blooming extremely well. (Until this weekend’s cold spell, anyway.) Very pretty, blooms look like roses, opening in white, then changing color to light pink and eventually to deep pink. I am in a slightly different climate now, out of the mountains. Supposedly from zone 7B to 7A, but I did grow a camellia in Roanoke in a sheltered location. It just won’t grow as large as it will in SC. A friend nearby has some long-established camellias which were so tall and beautiful this spring.

confederate rose from last year's cutting

confederate rose from last year’s cutting

We are planning to plant ornamental grass, relatively short, not like pampas grass, along the driveway in the meadow. It will give us something to catch gravel that works loose, and might help with the water runoff from the higher tier of the yard. We also suspect that a drainage pipe for gray water is running to one part that we called The Swamp last winter. With the excess rain, one area was a mud pit. I’m not sure what we’ll do, but we will be watching it. Sharon wants to fix some bad plumbing in her basement, plus rearrange some bathroom fixtures (prior to a major remodel), so we may check into the drainage then.

We have been deciding on some shrubs for the lawn around the cottage. Sharon has some forsythia starts for me, and I want a couple of hydrangea and some maiden grass. I want to plant shrubs at the ends of the septic drainage bed, to let us know where to avoid when driving, planting trees or edibles, and when we build another house which will need a septic drainage bed. I have such a beautiful oakleaf hydrangea in Roanoke, from which I hope to be able to bring cuttings for Sharon to work her magic, like she did with blue hydrangea.

oakleaf hydrangea in front yard of house in Roanoke

oakleaf hydrangea in front yard of house in Roanoke


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