So Close to Completion

Finally we had good timing with the weather! Three days clear, although a bit hot by afternoon (mid-80s), so the exterior paint is done. Now we are watching a tropical storm that is likely to pass over this area at the end of this next weekend. I should get some grass seed out before the rain. Since we had some strong men around, we also had a few other odd jobs completed – moved the small shed around beside the dome rather than in front, some rocks and concrete blocks retrieved from the newly cleared land and now an edging around Sharon’s future hoop house garden. My boxes of stuff are out of my living room and stored in my loft, although I’ll bring more back each trip to Virginia.  Inside, we are waiting on baseboards, making sure no rain seepage happens – latex paint is supposed to stop any. Outside we found a spot that needs an application of cement, but the house looks good.

paint done and shed moved

paint done and shed moved

I even got my screened room set up on the back patio – just in time for porch-sitting weather this fall. Now I will set up my keyhole garden off the side of the front patio, convenient for kitchen to compost bin. Sharon has finally been able to get me to think about plants, and we are mapping out where things will go. We learned how much space construction takes, and don’t want to plant where things might get run over when the next house is built, or where the septic system needs to go.

back patio with screened room

back patio with screened room

We are expecting guests this weekend for an overnight visit on their way to Florida (they are just missing the tropical storm there). Since we are about 15 miles off I-85, we hope to see more friends drop by – whether for overnight or just a day visit. Our plans have always been to make Soul’s Ease a welcoming place for guests, besides a retirement location. Our biggest problem with the current housing arrangements is the fur-kids. Sharon has four mini-schnauzers and I have three indoor cats, all of whom are early risers. Once I build the next house, there will be an animal-free guest room wing.

Since we are aware of our less agile bodies as we age, we have gone with one-story living – although I will have lofts for long-term storage. Sharon had a ramp built to her front porch when she had limitations after a surgery, so not even a couple of steps up there. Mine is built on slab, so fully ground level. Bathrooms will be as handicap accessible as we can make them, and wide hallways are a must. The last house my mother lived in had a bathroom renovation, designed as handicap accessible. She loved it, even though she was fully mobile. Once she had to spend about 10 days in a rehab center, getting over bronchitis, and was so pleased with the reaction of the woman who inspected her house before final discharge (to make sure she wouldn’t have problems getting around). The woman asked if she could take pictures, since she was about to remodel and loved what she saw.

Mother's bathroom

Mother’s bathroom

Mother's shower

Mother’s shower




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