Painting Started

Not a lot to say today, but I wanted to show what the dome looks like after the first day of painting. Lots of prep time for taping and trimming out edges, then used a sprayer to paint all around, but not to the top. Tomorrow should be good weather, first coat will be completed and second coat started. The door and window trim will remain white, and the edge on the overhang will be a creamy beige.

no longer looking like an igloo

no longer looking like an igloo

I turned the A/C units off early, and almost 8 hours later, with outside temperatures over 80 degrees, it was not bad inside – these thick foam walls make such a difference. My only problem with comfort lately has been humidity, because the make of dehumidifier I’ve been running was recalled for fire hazard. I have filled in the appropriate paperwork and sent off the physical data needed so am waiting for my refund. The stores are rather short of stock right now, maybe because of the recall and maybe it’s the time of year.

Painters stirred up the bugs that were gathered around the house, here’s one that I spotted nearby after they left – not sure if it was intentional or not. It’s a pretty teal daddy long-leg.

teal spider



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