Opening New Space

A little more completed in Seneca – another load of stone arrived for the parking and turn-around, plus a thin layer on the stone already in the driveway to the dome. We won’t order it again after a rainy day. We had 1 1/4 inches of rain and the crushed stone did not flow out of the dump truck very well. We were glad we’d already arranged to have more work with the Bobcat. Ronnie smoothed out the stone beautifully. We are most pleased with this man’s work – he listens, does what we ask and adds the perfect aesthetic touch, whether it is smoothing dirt, or piling felled trees in a pile out-of-the-way.

improved driveway

improved driveway

We had a good deal of the next section of meadow cleared, via Bobcat instead of bush-hog, to get all the small trees out. Sharon can keep this cleared when spring brings new growth. The clearing work uncovered a foundation which was a barn. Lots of good topsoil around that. Originally the whole piece of property was cleared, but over the years the weeds have been allowed to grow. We don’t plan to clear everything, will keep a bit privacy between neighbors, but it is exciting to see what the cleared areas look like. It feels large.

view of cleared meadow from NE edge of driveway

view of cleared meadow from NE edge of driveway

You can see from the curve of the driveway, where I stood to take the picture, way back behind the trees. The front edge of trees is over 100 feet away. There are a couple of bare strips where the old brush was burned, plus the bare dirt beside the driveway where more was cleared.

view of meadow from front patio

view of meadow from front patio

From my patio, there is a pile of topsoil for my keyhole garden. Beyond that is another angle on the newly cleared area, with a new brush pile over 8 feet tall. A couple of months to dry and we’ll have quite a bonfire.

The build crew plans to be out next week to start painting the dome. They’ve had some problems with a couple of recent jobs, and I think my whole house build seems like it was worry-free in comparison. I hope Mother Nature will cooperate this time and give us enough rain-free days to finish. Then I can really work on getting the stone border around the dome, sow grass seed, and start preparations of the soil for landscape plants. I will also set up the frame for my keyhole garden, close to the front patio, so I can easily dump vegetable waste into the compost center. I have a lot of paper for shredding, some good topsoil, cardboard, all will go into the bed of the garden, and should be ready for plants or seeds next spring. We are looking at catalogs now. One plan is to plant a relatively short ornamental grass along the downhill side of the driveway, to attempt to keep the stone out of the yard – safer for mowing.


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    Looking god.

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    Sorry , I guess the o got left out of good.

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