Wallpaper Removal

Getting the old house ready to sell

After trying a few techniques, I have found what works best for me to remove wallpaper. I am so glad I only did a border print and only in two rooms, but even that’s a pain to take down. First, a small stepstool with a wide flat top is essential – a stepladder rung really hurt my legs and feet. It was a great $30 investment. Next, a scoring tool has to be used – inexpensive and allows sprayed water (fancy liquids are not necessary) behind the top layer. There’s a protective layer that peels off rather well if enough water loosens it. Using a small putty knife, spraying more water on the back layer, and pulling off long strips when possible, got it done. Then I used some cheap terry wash cloths to wipe off any bits of paper and all moistened glue (we used a lot to make it stay!) It gets pretty hot at the ceiling – drink extra water. My neck got sore from looking up.

wallpaper debris

wallpaper debris

wall colors: dark on fireplace, light is new wall color

wall colors: dark on fireplace, light is new wall color

At least I have decided what colors are replacing the too-saturated colors I have enjoyed. And I am good with the neutrals. I think it might be from living in the new cottage with the gray walls. The radiator shows what an ugly green color everything was when I moved in – walls, ceiling, fireplace, radiator. This was in the living room, dining room, and hallway. I plan to leave the darker brown on the fireplace, but cover it on the walls. The light tan ceilings will be white. The dining room has less light, so will be a lighter shade of the living room color. I think I’ll build some simple radiator covers instead of painting them. It has to be easier.

I came down with a cold while on vacation, and did not complete quite what I wanted in packing and painting, but I have nearly finished clearing both bedrooms. The living room still has one coat closet to clear, with one done, and one bookcase to clear. Although we made a nice dent in the basement junk when my friend Nancy visited, I have not had time to do more there.

I’ve also realized I won’t have to do anything right now with the sparse grassy area – it’s brown in winter, when I will probably get it on the market. I do have a lot of other yard work to do, though.


2 responses to “Wallpaper Removal”

  1. Myrle Diefendorf says :

    Good job, Donna, you are getting there.

  2. Charlotte Jermyn says :

    Donna, you never cease to amaze me! Wallpaper removal is a gawd-awful job and I hope never to do it again! I take my hat off to you, sister.

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