foundation is now covered

foundation is now covered

The next step on the cottage has been completed. After three weeks of dry weather – and I was out-of-town for two of them – we got someone with a Bobcat to move dirt around. There were three piles that went around the house and patios, to bring the ground up to level with the house. He also did a great job smoothing some bumpy and steep spots in the yard, making it easier for mowing. He skimmed off enough dirt to give me the driveway up to the side of the front patio. I still need to get stone there, but I can now drive there.

new parking spot

new parking spot

Besides the landscape work around the cottage, next he tackled the overgrown section of our property beyond the mowed meadow. This was to take down some small trees so next week he’ll be back to bush-hog it. Since neither Sharon nor I have managed to get back that far, we are looking forward to seeing that section cleared. Sharon plans to do the same as the front meadow: spraying through the worst of the growth, then having equipment in to remove dead weeds and enlarge the lawn. We think this section may be large enough for two more small houses.

beginning of clearing back meadow

beginning of clearing back meadow

The cottage will next get its paint, and I will be putting a ring of decorative stone around it. This is mainly to try to keep the red mud stains off the walls, then plants can go in beyond that. I did get a large bag of daffodil bulbs, and have three crape myrtles that Sharon has been tending for me. Things are finally almost done. We are looking at catalogs for more plantings.



2 responses to “Landscaping”

  1. Denise Carlin says :

    Hi Donna,
    Your place is really taking shape. It looks great!
    I have included an email address that I got recently from a museum on jewelry. One of the people crochets wire and does beautiful work.

  2. Myrle Diefendorf says :

    Nice, Donna. I hope to get up to see you and Sharon soon. Been really busy, and lots of weeds and work.

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