More About Beading

Okay, per inquiry, I took some pictures of my experiments with wirework jewelry. I am still a beginner and am experimenting with tidy finishings.

coiled wire earrings

coiled wire earrings


The coiled wire is going to make some interesting earrings. The coiled wire with beads will be used as a ‘beaded bead’ on a necklace. Both of these have an initial coil, then a second heavier wire inserted inside, which is then also coiled. It makes a very interesting look. The picture shows the Coiling Gizmo behind a pair of earrings made by coiling fine copper wire, then inserting a heavier black wire and coiling it all. Click on the picture to get a larger view and see the coils.

beaded bead and spinner

beaded bead and spinner

This is a bead spinner and the needle designed to work with it. It does a decent job, and since I used 28 gauge wire (very small), it worked almost as well as a needle. It is a great idea that someone had, to put the beads in a bowl, and spinning it causes them to shift, especially as the needle stirs them, and quite a few will align and slide onto the needle. I still find it boring, even though I am accustomed to using one to three beads at a time as I create stitches with thread. The pattern being created keeps that from being boring to me. I do enjoy patterns and color. Bead weaving has that plus a variety of shapes and finishes of beads. Some patterns and stitches I like better than others. I was never a big fan of hand stitching when I learned to sew, but to see beads form three-dimensional objects as I work fascinates me.

The other wire working that I find I like is beaded crochet of very fine (28 gauge) wire. I learned crochet as a child, but just started with beads on wire. It gives such a nice lacy look to the piece. It is also rather forgiving, as long as the wire isn’t bent so far as to break it, it can be rearranged if slightly crunched.

wire crochet necklace

wire crochet necklace

The next type of metal work I try will be chain maille – no pictures yet. It is just attaching jump rings to each other in a pattern, but I am so surprised to find how many patterns have been developed. It will require me to get very comfortable with thinking in 3 dimension and carefully observing at which angle each ring sits. There are many sizes and colors (with niobium finishes) of jump rings. People who work with a lot of this frequently make their own rings from wire. I’m too new at this to even consider it.



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2 responses to “More About Beading”

  1. Myrle Diefendorf says :

    Very pretty Donna. It looks like fun and you get a beautiful piece at the end of your fun.

    • donnaw39 says :

      Thank you. I really enjoy creating the sculptural beauty of beaded jewelry. It helps that I like the glitzy look, too. 😉

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