This and That

We have had a few days without rain, the first couple were most comfortable and had us sitting on the screened porch, enjoying birds, butterflies, and the dogs who are currently temporary or permanent residents with Sharon. It has now heated up and gotten a little more humid, so I guess we’re closer to more rain again. It is sprinkling as I write this, but shouldn’t last.


We’ve had so few butterflies this summer, but now that it is nearing the end, a lot more are now showing up, maybe just born this year? The butterfly garden in the center of the drive does a nice job attracting them. It also is popular with the hummingbird. So far, I’ve only seen a female, who likes both the feeder and the red salvia. There have finally been a goldfinch pair to find the feeder. At her last house, Sharon had a small flock, and this is the first to show up here. Still in the bright yellow summer plumage, cheering the place up.


It will be a while before the cottage is painted, as my foreman injured his back on a roofing job he’s been doing. It will be a few more weeks before he’s ready to get the crew over to tackle that. It should work out with good timing after I’m back from my family vacation/reunion.

I’ve been keeping myself busy with checking out beading websites with various demos. I decided to go ahead with some wirework I have been wanting to try. I have some thin copper wire and started to crochet it with beads. It worked up fast and I am quite pleased with the result. I am also trying some work with coiled wire – a neat little tool called a Coiling Gizmo makes it very fast and evenly spaced. I like the look it gives, although getting enough beads on the wire prior to coiling is tiresome. I even have a bead spinner to make it faster, but it is boring, but, it also results in a very pretty coiled beaded bead. I got a basic how-to booklet on chain maille. I am not sure if this will suit my interest, but want to give it a try. It has many variations with added embellishments.

After tasting some excellent scones from a restaurant in Greenville, I decided to try baking some myself. Although my mother’s parents both came to this country from Scotland, she never made them. She was an excellent baker and we have enjoyed other traditional Scottish baked goods, so I don’t know why she did not make them. Of course, I started searching the Web for recipes and tips, and find they are extremely similar to drop biscuits in this country, but usually slightly sweet. Living in the South, I definitely have made biscuits, but I prefer yeast biscuits. The variations of things that can be added to scones are amazing. We are experimenting with different ingredients and taste combinations – with a half batch on Sunday afternoon when we watch a movie. After a couple of tries with sweet fruit, this week will be cheddar and bacon bits for a savory taste. I don’t think we can miss with these. I expect to be making these for my family soon, too.


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