Lately I’ve gotten back to being more interested in my beading hobby. I really enjoy beadweaving. This is not weaving like fabric, although sometimes it is done on a small loom, but just stitching of tiny glass beads on thread. There are many stitches that have been used over the history of this art, and lately new bead shapes are being developed to add yet more interest to it. Czech beads have long been the standard, but in recent years there have been a couple of Japanese companies entering the market and refining the product. I think this has helped with new colors, then shapes, and overall interest. Here’s a couple of my favorite necklaces.

bead necklace

bead necklace

beaded  pendant

beaded fuchsite pendant

As much as I enjoy working with beads, it is another activity in a sitting position, so I have to limit myself to prevent sore joints. I find I am not as interested in spending time on a necklace, since I’ve retired I don’t often dress up enough for wearing them. I am working on earrings, though, with an occasional bracelet. Once the house situation settles down, I hope to do more designing of my own items. I am also exploring wire working with beads. This has been something I’ve not had time to try until a recent dabbling, and I am enjoying it. I definitely need new tools for this.

This is as bad as yarn for knittersĀ  (another hobby of mine) – acquiring the pretty beads or yarn is a terrible craving, and we all have big stashes. I tend to prefer to knit in winter, partly because the colder weather inspires, and partly because I want off-season from cat shedding. I don’t want pre-knitted cat hairs in my clothes, as I pick up enough normally. I have a beautiful blue mohair yarn for which I am looking for the right pattern for me.

The next hobby I’ve promised myself is to learn to spin yarn. In October, near the Asheville airport, the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair is held. http://www.saffsite.org/ I would like to be able to take a class there this year. I do not plan to acquire a large traditional spinning wheel, as there is no space left for it. There are smaller devices for spinning that I’ll investigate. Unfortunately, all are a bit beyond my budget for now, so I’ll save and look for used equipment if I enjoy the process in class.


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3 responses to “Hobbies”

  1. Myrle Diefendorf says :

    I really like the red one with the round piece at the center. Lovely.

    • donnaw39 says :

      Thank you – one of my favorite stones I got at a gem and mineral show. It is from Russia, Fuchsite, a green form of Muscovite, and has a lot of coppery sparkle in it. I beaded a bezel around it and the beaded chain to hold it.

  2. Clarissa Brooks says :

    I find it very important myself to stay busy in my retirement years, not just for the body but mind stimulation. My husband and I play a lot of golf now, mainly in Vegas, which seems like a typical hobby for older people these days. I need something to keep me more busy at home though and I like the creativity of this idea but looks like it could be challenging. From your photos it looks like your becoming quite a pro!

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