Reunion Plans

Two of my siblings, their spouses, and I are meeting in northern Ohio after Labor Day, near where we grew up. The primary draw to that location is a race in which my brother is participating. He has become a super athlete as he reached middle age. I truly admire his determination and ability. The race is a triathlon of Ironman distances, not of that brand, but Revolution3, (140.6 miles – which is 2.4 miles swimming, 112 miles biking, and then a full marathon of 26.2 miles) and being held at a great amusement park we’ve all enjoyed. I worked at Cedar Point two summers during college. After the race we’ve rented a house across the street from Lake Erie and a beautiful city park in Lorain. We plan a few outings, lots of talking (we always do), and rest time. We hope to catch up with some friends who still live in the area, too. My family has always enjoyed each other’s company and even since our parents have passed on, we still try to get together from around the country every year.

We found we like to rent a house in an area we want to visit, giving us a living area outside hotel rooms, which is good for anyone who tires and needs to go off to sleep. Cost is usually less than a hotel, too. It has made me plan ahead for a larger home on our Soul’s Ease property – after I sell the house in Roanoke. I will be building another dome, as I do like living in one. The next one will benefit from my testing the smaller cottage and making a few changes. I plan to put up two domes connected by an entry with mudroom, pantry area. This will have one dome with a laundry room, 1 1/2 baths, and three bedrooms. I can leave it closed off and minimally heated or cooled when no guests are visiting. As I age I sure don’t want to add a lot of space to clean regularly, and closing it off should help that. Happily, I have found a new house needs lots less cleaning, as there is no dust accumulated over years of wear. My living area will be a little larger than the cottage, but still one bedroom, bath, kitchen, and living / dining room. It will be enough room for all siblings under one roof. Additionally, Sharon and I want to have space for visitors – she has a large living room and entertainment center, I will have the sleeping quarters. She also has a large room where I spent last winter, that will easily hold three double beds, for more guests.

typical cat afternoon

typical cat afternoon

I do plan to be working in Roanoke before heading to the reunion and stopping back to load the car with more of my stuff. The cats will be most unhappy with my being gone for such a long time, but they’ll just be more clingy when I return. Sharon is kind enough to pet, feed, and medicate as needed every day, but they really want my presence. Cats are not as indifferent about their humans as some people think, but they do adjust back to normal behavior easily.


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