Slow Progress

I’ve been back another time to work on preparing the old house. I feel I am making slow but steady progress in packing and sorting in the main level of the house.

I don’t know if I’ve been pushing things a bit too much, or if my achy bones are readjusting themselves into a more correct alignment, but I’ve been so sore lately. I have been training to build strength and hope it will help ease pressure on the spine. After so many years with a desk job, I found I had developed a curvature that makes my hips ache. It makes walking difficult at times, and sitting too long can hurt, too. I know standing on a ladder is not good, so I’ve been figuring ways around it for the work ahead of me.

I bought a step-stool style ladder with a large flat top step. From there I can reach the ceiling and work on the wallpaper border. I found that one of the paper scoring devices is essential in getting the paper to loosen. I don’t need to use steam, just water. If I wipe hard with a cheap washcloth after I peel off most of the loosened paper, I can get all the residue. Now that I have found a good technique, I should make progress.

A friend came to stay with me on my last visit to Roanoke, with plans to help me sort out my crowded basement. We worked well on it one day and she helped me make some decisions, but she became ill and we spent another day getting medical treatment to make sure she was okay. Thankfully she is, and it is an ongoing ailment that she is learning to keep under control.

Between a trip to Goodwill and a full load back to Seneca, the basement is much roomier. I had thought I’d do a garage sale, but was convinced (rather easily, as I didn’t really want to do one) to donate rather than waste time on little $ return. Next trip I plan a couple of loads to Goodwill, hoping to nearly empty the basement so some construction can be done.

rough-in plumbing for basement bathroom

rough-in plumbing for basement bathroom

I had rough-in plumbing done when the upstairs bath was remodeled, so it should not be too much work to finish it for a second bathroom. Using shelving units, I will suggest walls for both a den and an office/bedroom, but leave it for the next owner to add walls as needed. The neighborhood is small ‘starter’ homes, and can lend themselves to a lot of remodeling in attics and basements. My basement is fairly dry and I plan to use a waterproofing paint on the walls, so it should feel quite good. The garage is attached at that level and I used the paint there with most satisfactory results. Additionally, a few years ago I had a French drain dug around three sides of my house, and it has taken away the moisture from the back (uphill) wall.


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